Scorpio's Writings

The Empty Palace 10/08/2007 (Love - waiting for)
Thief 03/09/2007 (Sadness)
You Want The Truth? 03/09/2007 (Sadness)
And It Did Hurt 02/06/2007 (Broken Relationships)
Space 02/01/2007 (Dreams)
How I Feel About You 01/12/2007 (Love - passionate)
I Am 09/28/2006 (Dreaming)
The Liquor Song 08/29/2006 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Turn Time Around 08/25/2006 (Confusion)
As I Let Go 08/10/2006 (Hurt)
I Wish You Would 06/29/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Open Up 04/29/2006 (Music or Lyrical)
You're Not My Mother 04/06/2006 (Anger)
Ode To Mikey 03/19/2006 (Death - tribute)
Beautiful Let-downs 01/29/2006 (Depression)
Anguish 01/20/2006 (Depression)
I Want You 01/08/2006 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
God You May 12/18/2005 (Anger)
Traitor 12/05/2005 (Emotional Collapse)
Wilting Rose 12/05/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
Our Inner Shadows 10/26/2005 (Depression)
Emptiness 10/13/2005 (Loneliness)
Beautiful Things 08/10/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
Purpose 07/02/2005 (Thoughts)
How I So Love To Hide 06/20/2005 (Regret)
You Make Me Feel 06/16/2005 (Love)
Changes 05/26/2005 (Death - tribute)
Suicide 05/23/2005 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Embers 05/23/2005 (Short Stories - mystery)
Tarnished Affection 03/07/2005 (Thoughts)
Love 02/22/2005 (Love)
Unnamed Poem 02/22/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
Save Me 12/14/2004 (Emotional Collapse)
My Only Wish 12/07/2004 (Music or Lyrical)
Thank You 12/06/2004 (Love)
Puppetry Of Envy 11/24/2004 (Fantasy - imagination)
Forgotten Little Souls 11/15/2004 (Fantasy - imagination)
Wonderland 11/01/2004 (Fantasy - imagination)
Freestyle 10/01/2004 (Attack - 911)
Courageous 10/01/2004 (Attack - 911)
Sacrifices 09/20/2004 (Searching For Answers)
Purify 09/20/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Prologue 09/11/2004 (Short Stories - horror)
The Ghost Of D'vielle Manor 08/28/2004 (Short Stories - horror)
My Hero Is You 08/28/2004 (Feelings)
The Tango Of Madame 08/13/2004 (Music or Lyrical)
El Tango De Madame 08/13/2004 (Music or Lyrical)
Questions 08/03/2004 (Death)
The Ghost 07/26/2004 (Short Stories - fantasy)
A Dying Tribute 07/23/2004 (Illness and Health)
This Secret 07/23/2004 (Depression)
Nothing 07/21/2004 (Depression)
Tango To Evora 07/01/2004 (Short Stories - fantasy)
Revolution 07/01/2004 (Music or Lyrical)
Whatever 07/01/2004 (Love lost or ending)
Solitude Finished 06/25/2004 (Depression)
Solitude Finished 06/25/2004 (Depression)
Solitude 06/21/2004 (Depression)
Inside Your Head 06/17/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Maze Of Darkness 05/29/2004 (Depression)

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