Seizure's Writings

Self Destructive Pattern 05/03/2021 (Suicidal Thoughts)
A Cry For Help 05/03/2021 (Depression)
End Of The Dream 05/03/2021 (Reflective)
The Change Around Me 05/03/2021 (Political)
Something's Wrong 05/03/2021 (Pain - emotional)
1986 05/03/2021 (Abuse)
Share The Sky 11/18/2018 (Families - Broken)
Everything To Me 11/16/2018 (Relationships)
The Devil You Know 10/28/2018 (Families - Broken)
Come Out To Play 10/30/2016 (Paranormal or Supernatural)
Passing Of Time 02/01/2016 (Moving On)
Retribution 02/01/2016 (Moving On)
The Broken Child 01/22/2016 (Abuse)
Not Like This 01/22/2016 (Pain - emotional)
A Sinner's Fate 01/22/2016 (Anger)
Lost My Faith 01/18/2016 (Religious and Religion)
Not Everyone Wins 01/18/2016 (Anger)
Angel 01/18/2016 (Tributes)
Mark's Request 01/18/2016 (Breaking Up)
Precious Little Moments 01/17/2016 (Death)
Now That You're Alone 01/17/2016 (Paranormal or Supernatural)
Where Do I Belong? 12/13/2007 (Emotional Collapse)
Forever Broken 12/13/2007 (Emotional Collapse)
Eternity 06/08/2006 (Dreams - sleep)
Outside Looking In 05/03/2006 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Losing The Fight 05/02/2006 (Short Stories - poetic)
Remembrance Of A Victim 04/26/2006 (Tributes)
Skin Walker - Chapter 2 04/11/2006 (Short Stories - poetic)
Welcome Home - Chapter 1 04/11/2006 (Short Stories - poetic)
Before I'm Forgotten 04/11/2006 (Loneliness)
Trail Of Tears 04/11/2006 (Dark Thoughts)
The Spiral 04/11/2006 (Depression)
A Place I Used To Go 02/15/2006 (Reflective)
The World Of Forget 01/15/2006 (Thoughts)
Wish You Were Here 01/15/2006 (Love - distance)
Broken Friendship 01/15/2006 (Betrayal)
Killing Time 01/15/2006 (Reflective)
I Can't Follow 01/05/2006 (Regret)
Know The Night 09/08/2005 (Crimes)
Shady Sh*t 09/07/2005 (Anger)
I've Been Looking 09/01/2005 (Relationships)
Spirit Sky 04/20/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Autopsy 04/18/2005 (Paranormal or Supernatural)
And Then It Was Gone 2 04/17/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Hopes, Dreams, And A Bottle Of
03/31/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
My Rage 03/31/2005 (Rage)
Fate Found Me 03/31/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
So Alone 03/28/2005 (Love lost or ending)
Who Are You 10/19/2004 (Self Discovery)
And Then It Was Gone 09/04/2004 (Change)
Before 08/29/2004 (Sadness)
Decay 08/29/2004 (Depression)
Chalkline 08/27/2004 (Depression)
On My Own 08/27/2004 (Depression)
Only Time Will Tell 08/27/2004 (Loneliness)
I'll Come For You 06/03/2004 (Feelings)
I Miss My Life 05/16/2004 (Feelings)
Never Going Home 04/28/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Final Tear 04/28/2004 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Stuck In A Nightmare 04/27/2004 (Depression)

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