Shiloh's Writings

9th November 1989 05/10/2021 (Life Journeys)
Sunday, 9 May 2021 05/09/2021 (Disappointment)
Waiting For That Day 05/02/2021 (Life Journeys)
Isolation 04/23/2021 (Life Journeys)
What Matters 04/23/2021 (Reflective)
God's Action Figures 03/24/2021 (Emotions and Emotional)
On Writing 03/23/2021 (Thoughts)
There Will Be Nothing Left 03/22/2021 (Choices)
But It Was So Many Years Ago 03/22/2021 (Life Lessons)
Old 03/09/2021 (Aging)
She Wore A Miniskit, Go-go
Boots And Drove A Badass Gtx
02/11/2021 (Family)
Hoping To See A Friend 02/01/2021 (Death)
Ode To The Ship Of State 12/18/2020 (Pondering)
The Stop Sign At The Corner 12/14/2020 (Life Journeys)
But It Was So Many Years
11/27/2020 (Memories)
Veterans Day 2020 11/11/2020 (Military and War - by vets)
But I Did 11/05/2020 (Friends)
Enough For Me 11/04/2020 (Thoughts)
Try Not To Judge... 10/31/2020 (Feelings)
The Problem Is That It Would
Be So Easy
10/31/2020 (Pain - emotional)
Need A Beer (or Almost A Beer) 10/30/2020 (Pondering)
Wealth Of A Different Sort 10/25/2020 (Thoughts)
Fuckit - Don't Mean Nothin' 10/22/2020 (Reflective)
High Anxiety 10/22/2020 (Emotions and Emotional)
Mean Gene 10/15/2020 (Military Memories)
Liars And Thieves 10/13/2020 (Political)
Our Folly... 10/05/2020 (Thoughts)
Hey, Mike 10/02/2020 (Life Lessons)
Only Then, And Then Some More 09/29/2020 (Hurt)
On Fostering Cats 09/26/2020 (Love)
Lucas 09/23/2020 (Families - Broken)
That Old Home Dairy Automat 09/05/2020 (Happiness)
Immobile 09/03/2020 (Depression)
I'd Better Not Try..... 09/01/2020 (Stress and Anxiety)
The Real 08/23/2020 (Facing Reality)
Of Value 08/22/2020 (Aging)
Words!!! 08/22/2020 (Anger)
Simply Put... 08/17/2020 (Death)
I Forget 08/14/2020 (Aging)
A Good Poem 08/14/2020 (Poetry and Poets)
Curious 08/13/2020 (Confusion)
The Poet Must Not Turn Away 07/31/2020 (Life Journeys)
Mister Lonely 07/30/2020 (Military Memories)
Final Purpose In Life 07/19/2020 (Aging)
Micah 07/13/2020 (Life Journeys)
Sal And Lydia 07/13/2020 (Life Journeys)
Betty 07/13/2020 (Life Journeys)
Alexander 07/13/2020 (Life Journeys)
Benjamin 07/13/2020 (Life Journeys)
Going Back 07/10/2020 (Feelings)
Dancing In The Rain 06/27/2020 (Choices)
Time For Defenistration? 06/27/2020 (Anger)
7 06/11/2020 (Feelings)
In Darkness 06/10/2020 (Emotions and Emotional)
It Didn't Matter, Then, If You
Were Black Or White...
06/05/2020 (Military Memories)
Rememories 05/29/2020 (Memories)
A New Word (29 May 2020) 05/29/2020 (Thoughts)
Péchés De Mon Père 05/19/2020 (Life Lessons)
Family 05/14/2020 (Disappointment)
Sassy Came To Me In My Dreams 05/13/2020 (Love)
Thank You For Your Service 05/12/2020 (Military Memories)
Question 05/02/2020 (Hurt)
I Will Never Donate To The Red
Cross.... And Here's Why.
04/24/2020 (Anger)
Wish In One Hand, Defecate In
The Other....
04/20/2020 (Depression)
My Bad Place 04/20/2020 (Depression)
Of No Value 04/20/2020 (Life Lessons)
Just A Feeling 04/16/2020 (Emotions and Emotional)
Unfinished 22 Lines 04/11/2020 (Thoughts)
I Am Afraid.... April
04/03/2020 (Fear)
A Simple Cup, A Chalice, If
You Will
04/03/2020 (Loss)
How Can I Not Do Anything 03/14/2020 (Choices)
If It Is Time 03/10/2020 (Life Journeys)
25 February 2020 02/26/2020 (Confusion)
The Natives Are Restlesss 02/16/2020 (Short Creative Writings)
I Loved You So 02/14/2020 (Love unrequited)
David J Bielenda, Age 32 02/12/2020 (Family)
An Old Cigar Box 01/29/2020 (Dreaming)
I Hear You, Pete 12/30/2019 (Emotions and Emotional)
Photo Stik - Or Whatever 12/27/2019 (Life Lessons)
To Dream... To Smile
12/22/2019 (Change)
Soon Enough 12/20/2019 (Life Journeys)
This Wasn't Supposed To
12/19/2019 (Life Lessons)
I've Missed So Very Much 12/10/2019 (Life Journeys)
It Doesn't Really, Does It 12/01/2019 (Feelings)
Billy 11/21/2019 (Facing Reality)
The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident 09/15/2019 (War and 911)
Had We Only Known... 09/15/2019 (Fantasy - imagination)
Moments Of Love 09/11/2019 (Military Memories)
Un Moment S'il Vous Plaît... 09/08/2019 (Facing Reality)
Done A Lot With This Hand 09/04/2019 (Life Journeys)
Can Someone Tell Me Why 08/22/2019 (Military and War - by vets)
I Can Remember 08/18/2019 (Memories)
But Who Knows 08/17/2019 (Depression)
Move Away From It Just A Bit 08/06/2019 (Sadness)
On Writing 07/26/2019 (Choices)
They're Restless 07/21/2019 (Short Creative Writings)
Performance 07/20/2019 (Life Journeys)
And It Hurts 07/16/2019 (Disappointment)
Never Nam And Never The Nam 07/14/2019 (Anger)
Saying I Am Sorry 07/14/2019 (Feelings)
The Talking Heads 07/06/2019 (Betrayal)
Decent Coffee... 05/26/2019 (Choices)
So I Take A Lot Of Naps These
05/15/2019 (Aging)
Happy Mother's Day, Darling 05/12/2019 (Marriage)
There Are Sometimes Moments Of
04/21/2019 (Depression)
Got No Reason, Got No Rhyme 03/24/2019 (Facing Reality)
Weekend Fun 03/13/2019 (Stress and Anxiety)
Rehearsal 03/10/2019 (Love)
Jedes Wort 03/08/2019 (Life Journeys)
Everything I Write 03/08/2019 (Life Lessons)
Too Many, Too Much... 03/05/2019 (Anger)
I Was Seven Years Old, Or
Maybe Eight
02/16/2019 (Emotional Collapse)
Hakata, Japn 1968 02/13/2019 (Feelings)
Our Government, Right Or
02/05/2019 (Short Creative Writings)
With This Hand 02/02/2019 (Thoughts)
And I Will 01/09/2019 (Disappointment)
Sometimes 12/31/2018 (Life Journeys)
Life... 12/20/2018 (Choices)
Christmas Eve, 1965.... 12/16/2018 (Holidays)
So Mot It Be... 12/13/2018 (Life Journeys)
It Wouldn't Be Right, Somehow 11/28/2018 (Facing Reality)
A Dream Reawakened 11/27/2018 (Choices)
10 2-letter Words 11/17/2018 (Change)
Juliet 11/01/2018 (Love)
Friend... 10/30/2018 (Friendship)
Sadly Pissed Off 10/18/2018 (Facing Reality)
Try The Orange Ones 10/14/2018 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Time Used To Be On My Side 10/12/2018 (Life Journeys)
My Brother, My Friend... 10/09/2018 (Friendship)
Self-righteousness 09/23/2018 (Religious and Religion)
Now Or Then Or When 09/21/2018 (Confusion)
Benjamin Revisited 09/20/2018 (Life Journeys)
On Marbles As An Investment... 09/12/2018 (Addictions)
Time, Oh What A Time It Was... 09/09/2018 (Aging)
Agent Orange, And Other Things 09/07/2018 (War and 911)
He Could Have, But He Did
Better Than That...
09/05/2018 (Thankfulness)
In That Big Old House... 08/21/2018 (Hurt)
... And Walk Away 08/21/2018 (Choices)
Where Have You Gone, Lonesome
08/10/2018 (Anger)
Do You Remember…? I Do. 08/10/2018 (Loss)
Just Do It. 07/30/2018 (Life Lessons)
To Sleep... Perchance To
07/28/2018 (Choices)
Helpless And Uselesss 07/25/2018 (Animals - Pets)
George.... Up Until 15 July
07/16/2018 (Family)
12 Gauge Shotguns Across A
Card Table
07/11/2018 (Military and War - by vets)
No. 07/04/2018 (Friends)
Thankfully I Am 71 Years
06/30/2018 (Sadness)
...tous Mes Papillons Ont Des
Ailes Cassées ... (all Of
My Butterflies Have Broken
06/25/2018 (Reflective)
My Four Children 06/25/2018 (Military and War - by vets)
A Tiny Lost Soul 06/25/2018 (Animals)
Cat Man 06/25/2018 (Animals - Pets)
Runnin'.... 06/24/2018 (Reflective)
Thomas Square 06/24/2018 (Reflective)
Luis 04/27/2018 (Friendship)
Go Ahead And Just Write 04/05/2018 (Choices)
Why Bother? 03/31/2018 (Life Lessons)
Just A Bit 03/31/2018 (Choices)
With This Hand 03/31/2018 (Life Journeys)
It's Inevitable 03/30/2018 (Death - tribute)
4/1/67 .... Somewhere
Between Xa Nhi Binh And Binh
03/18/2018 (Military Memories)
I've Read Of It... 03/13/2018 (Depression)
Think About This.....
Really, Really Think About It.
02/14/2018 (Feelings)
Let Me Tell You... 01/31/2018 (Facing Reality)
Oh, Of Course Not 01/22/2018 (Animals - Pets)
Broken Paths 01/19/2018 (Memories)
It’s Been So Long 01/08/2018 (Life Journeys)
A Bit Of Control 01/07/2018 (Confusion)
Something To Think About... 01/07/2018 (Life Journeys)
20 Below 01/06/2018 (Humorous)
A Bicycle For Timmy 12/27/2017 (Family)
It Is Christmas Morning... 12/25/2017 (Memories)
I Feel The Rains Coming 12/19/2017 (Life Journeys)
Got No Reason, Got No Rhyme... 12/15/2017 (Facing Reality)
Benjamin 12/14/2017 (Animals - Pets)
My Last Will And Testament 12/13/2017 (War and 911)
The Mayor Of Clinton Street 12/06/2017 (Memories)
Friday, 22 November 11/22/2017 (Memories)
Understanding 11/12/2017 (Love)
Soldier - Wheres Your Name
10/27/2017 (Military Memories)
Take Part In It 10/23/2017 (Life Journeys)
December 1964, Shreveport
10/11/2017 (Military Memories)
In A Bar In Fukuoka City,
10/01/2017 (Military Memories)
Racist 09/30/2017 (Fear)
11:28pm 09/30/2017 (Choices)
There It Is Again... 09/27/2017 (Disappointment)
Of What Is The Use? 08/23/2017 (Depression)
20 August 2017 08/20/2017 (Loss)
On The Way Out? 08/02/2017 (Life Journeys)
And It Hurts 08/02/2017 (Pain - physical)
I've Been Doingit Wrong? 07/29/2017 (Thoughts)
I Cry Today Because... 07/16/2017 (Loss)
Just Sue 06/14/2017 (Moving On)
156 Sunset Drive, Alexandria 05/21/2017 (Friends)
Today Is Slow.... (aka My
Turn At Bat)
04/29/2017 (Thoughts)
I Take Naps 04/29/2017 (Life Journeys)
It Is Known 04/14/2017 (Passions)
Percent 04/14/2017 (Thoughts)
Mister Lonely 04/08/2017 (Military Memories)
29 March 2017 - Vietnam
Veterans Day
03/29/2017 (Reflective)
It Now, It Seems, Is Thus 03/22/2017 (Fear)
I Am Comfortable Admitting
03/22/2017 (Life Styles)
It Is Because 03/21/2017 (Understanding)
When I Came Home 03/10/2017 (Military and War - by vets)
She Asked Santa 03/09/2017 (Families - Broken)
19 November 2004 02/21/2017 (Happiness)
I Close My Eyes 02/20/2017 (Happiness)
32 Days To Spring....
And Then....
02/16/2017 (Pondering)
February 14th 02/14/2017 (Love)
Shoulda - Coulda - Woulda 01/25/2017 (Thoughts)
Tired Of It... 01/09/2017 (Thoughts)
Mirror On My Desk 01/08/2017 (Reflective)
Gramma's Four-poster Bed 01/05/2017 (Memories)
Take The Time.... 12/18/2016 (Life Lessons)
Eventually You Will Be There 12/13/2016 (Life Journeys)
The Invasion Comes.... 12/11/2016 (Thoughts)
What Of The Time? 12/10/2016 (Feelings)
From Where It Comes 12/04/2016 (Emotions and Emotional)
Wednesdays Always Hurt Me.... 12/01/2016 (Sadness)
This, Then, I Must Endure.... 11/25/2016 (Pain - physical)
Just A Small Braining 11/24/2016 (Thoughts)
I Remember When 11/11/2016 (Military Memories)
2 November - The Cubs Won The
11/03/2016 (Special Occasions)
You Will Never Know 11/02/2016 (Thoughts)
In Consideration Of Facebook 10/26/2016 (Anger)
Will It Ever Be.... Was
It Ever.... Are You?
Not Anymore.
10/15/2016 (Life Journeys)
We... 10/12/2016 (Nature)
Pennies Left Of The Cost.... 10/05/2016 (War and 911)
Therapy Cat 09/20/2016 (Animals - Pets)
His Name Is Hunter 09/17/2016 (Love)
Weep - There Is No Other
Option Now.
09/03/2016 (Pain - emotional)
No One Hears.... 09/02/2016 (Life Journeys)
Perhaps 08/20/2016 (Choices)
C'est Fini 08/20/2016 (Emotions and Emotional)
Bipolar 08/20/2016 (Depression)
Life 08/20/2016 (Pondering)
Redundant 08/20/2016 (Life Journeys)
Now 08/11/2016 (Pain - emotional)
A Wiser Man, But Older
08/10/2016 (Life Journeys)
In My Time... 08/04/2016 (Thoughts)
David... 35 Years Ago 07/22/2016 (Loss)
Old Friends... 07/17/2016 (Memories)
Lost 07/09/2016 (Emotions and Emotional)
The Minute Never Ends 06/10/2016 (Searching For Answers)
I Have Seen The Tiger Smile... 06/07/2016 (Life Journeys)
A Second-hand Rose With
Crumpled Petals
06/04/2016 (Memories)
Trying Not To Think 06/04/2016 (Life Journeys)
3am 06/04/2016 (Time)
I've Been Fired.... 05/26/2016 (Families - Broken)
At The Va Clinic On Thursday 05/20/2016 (Feelings)
Thoughts Upon Falling Down... 05/07/2016 (Aging)
It's A Special Thing... 05/06/2016 (Thoughts)
Time.... 05/05/2016 (Life Journeys)
I Voted Today 04/19/2016 (Political)
Some Pieces Borrowed 03/02/2016 (Dreams)
I Am Blessed.... 02/17/2016 (Happiness)
Walking..... 01/16/2016 (Life Journeys)
Some Things I Do Not
12/31/2015 (Animals - Pets - loss/tribute)
You Are Forever Away Now 12/31/2015 (Animals - Pets - loss/tribute)
Down At The End Of The
12/16/2015 (Regret)
The Va And Me 12/15/2015 (Stress and Anxiety)
Fifty Years Is A Long Time... 12/04/2015 (Friends)
Can You Hear My Tears? 12/02/2015 (Animals - Pets - loss/tribute)
A Letter To Sassy 11/29/2015 (Animals - Pets - loss/tribute)
26 November 2015 11/29/2015 (Animals - Pets - loss/tribute)
You Ever Been Happy? 11/22/2015 (Feelings)
I Can't Remember The First
11/20/2015 (Self Portraits)
Up To Now 11/12/2015 (Reminiscing)
Veterans Day Mess Hall 11/11/2015 (Military Memories)
A Lot Of Time Has Passed 10/30/2015 (Sadness)
Little Bitty Snowfall 10/18/2015 (Change)
Retired 10/17/2015 (Aging)
Walkin' Away 10/01/2015 (Thoughts)
Are You Listening, My Friend? 09/19/2015 (Thoughts)
From Somewhere At The Back Of
The House.....
09/19/2015 (Facing Reality)
Eventually.... 09/08/2015 (Waiting)
The Weight Of Things Once
09/06/2015 (Thoughts)
Morning Coffee 08/20/2015 (Humorous)
She Sang Quite Well..... 08/20/2015 (Memories)
No One Is..... 08/05/2015 (Understanding)
Mother's Day Or Father's Day 05/08/2015 (Family)
The Favorite Aggie 04/26/2015 (Loss)
It's Crying Time Again.... 04/15/2015 (Animals - Pets - loss/tribute)
Some Things Are Going Through
My Mind Tonight... Some
Old Friends... I Welcome
03/14/2015 (Military and War - by vets)
They're Restless 02/17/2015 (People)
Sometime In January 1965 01/18/2015 (Military Memories)
On Facebook 01/01/2015 (Reflective)
Grampa's Commercial 01/01/2015 (Life Styles)
A Gentle Bah And Humbug 12/21/2014 (Depression)
Wanderment 12/13/2014 (Reflective)
My Poetry 11/08/2014 (Reflective)
Ptsd 10/17/2014 (Depression)
1st Time At Bat 10/16/2014 (Life Lessons)
I Visited The Rainbow Bridge 10/15/2014 (Animals - Pets - loss/tribute)
The Letter G 10/02/2014 (Memories)
Never Stop 09/12/2014 (Life Lessons)
On Reflection.... 09/09/2014 (Life Lessons)
But She Was Cuter Than A Bug! 09/04/2014 (Life Journeys)
He Only Wanted A Damn Beer 09/04/2014 (Understanding)
Eleven For A Dollar 08/12/2014 (Memories)
Tears 08/09/2014 (Emotions and Emotional)
We - A Narrative Of
07/29/2014 (Life Journeys)
I Had A Dream The Other
07/23/2014 (Animals - Pets - loss/tribute)
This Wasn't Supposed To
07/22/2014 (Patriotism)
James Garner.... R I P 07/20/2014 (Memories)
That's Good Enough For Me.... 06/19/2014 (Reminiscing)
Ever Since..... 06/13/2014 (Memories)
We Continue To March.... 06/04/2014 (Military and War)
The Yield Sign 05/06/2014 (Disappointment)
Of Everyman 04/28/2014 (Choices)
Bewilderment 04/27/2014 (Change)
I Guess You Can Go Home
04/23/2014 (Military Memories)
It Brings It All Home 04/12/2014 (Thoughts)
Haiku 2 03/18/2014 (Life Journeys)
Haiku 1 03/06/2014 (Pondering)
Milestones 01/29/2014 (Special Occasions)
Hal 01/25/2014 (Friendship Lost)
Don't Cry When It Melts
01/09/2014 (Angels)
Of All Gifts, I Wish You
12/25/2013 (Reflective)
Happy Birthday, Lucas 12/24/2013 (Love)
'tis The Season Of..... 12/22/2013 (Families - Broken)
Coin Of The Realm 12/17/2013 (Happiness)
The Snow Falls.... 12/14/2013 (Thoughts)
I Guess I Didn't Try Hard
12/11/2013 (Families - Broken)
Yes 11/21/2013 (Trust)
Crimson And Clover Again.... 11/21/2013 (Memories)
I Have A Canvas In My Life,
Upon Which Others Paint
10/25/2013 (Happiness)
Not As You See It..... 10/25/2013 (Reflective)
It's Just The Way I Feel
10/13/2013 (Depression)
Reason Enough 10/03/2013 (Poetry - styles)
My Unicorn 09/24/2013 (Fantasy)
Where Do I Fit In? 08/29/2013 (Self Searching)
Happy Birthday, My Friend..... 08/25/2013 (Friendship Lost)
Feeling...? 07/31/2013 (Feelings)
Depression (with An Apology To
07/03/2013 (Depression)
A Fist Full Of Nickels 02/10/2013 (Life Lessons)
Perhaps That Is Enough 10/18/2012 (Thoughts)
The Great Trust 06/16/2012 (Memories)
Autumn In May.... 05/25/2012 (Animals - Pets - loss/tribute)
Well, Here It Is.... 02/09/2012 (Life Journeys)
6 Feet Down 02/01/2012 (Facing Reality)
Damnit - You're Really Gone,
11/02/2011 (Friendship)
My Wall Is Crumbling 11/02/2011 (Frustration)
Captain Jack 10/30/2011 (Friendship)
Old Man 08/11/2011 (Hurt)
They Picked It Up Today 08/09/2011 (Good-Byes)
Too Late Is An Option... 07/18/2011 (Family)
Thoughts And Memories 07/16/2011 (Reflective)
Le Mot Juste 12/04/2010 (Poetry - styles)
With A Smile 10/07/2010 (Memories)
Tomorrow Is A Memory 09/18/2010 (Reflective)
This Time... 09/15/2010 (Regret)
Running On Empty 09/08/2010 (Disappointment)
Can't Hide 08/15/2010 (Depression)
From Inside Our Mind 07/21/2010 (Thoughts)
Right Or Left... 06/24/2010 (Reflective)
In The Morning 04/20/2010 (Depression)
An Expression Of Pain 03/09/2010 (Emotions and Emotional)
Of Service To The Tiger? 02/28/2010 (Life Lessons)
It's My Chair 02/22/2010 (Animals - Pets)
Where Are The Words? 02/21/2010 (Friendship)
July 12th, 1998, In County
01/26/2010 (Religious and Religion)
A Penny Found 01/20/2010 (Thoughts)
Michael 11/08/2009 (Friendship)
I Remember 11/05/2009 (Life Lessons)
But Almost 10/28/2009 (Lost Memories)
Just An Old Orange Tabby
10/20/2009 (Animals - Pets)
I Never Learned To Skate
09/22/2009 (Memories)
Crossroads 09/18/2009 (Confusion)
Well I Could... But I
08/23/2009 (Judgement)
Carl... 08/20/2009 (Death - tribute)
Soft As A Whisper... 08/11/2009 (Animals - Pets - loss/tribute)
Lock Ward 08/11/2009 (Emotional Collapse)
A Way Of Life 07/28/2009 (Thoughts)
2 Words Each Line... 07/27/2009 (Time)
A Journey Through A Hell Of My
Own Making
07/14/2009 (Loss)
It Sucks To Be Me 06/28/2009 (Depression)
Giving Up And Getting Out 06/18/2009 (Emotional Collapse)
Waiting... 06/10/2009 (Disappointment)
Perhaps 05/29/2009 (Questioning)
And So It Is 05/28/2009 (Sadness)
The Sergeant 05/01/2009 (Military Memories)
Ripple The Puppy 04/25/2009 (Love - just beginning)
Binghamton, New York 04/05/2009 (Emotions and Emotional)
March 31, 1972 03/10/2009 (Short Creative Writings)
Guess That's The Way It's
Gonna Be
01/24/2009 (Reflective)
No Rest 12/31/2008 (Feelings)
Slow Down 12/13/2008 (Stress and Anxiety)
December '64 12/13/2008 (Military Memories)
The Hideaway 12/13/2008 (Lost Memories)
Mood Swings 12/11/2008 (Depression)
Today... 11/11/2008 (Holidays)
The Donut Dolly 10/28/2008 (Military Memories)
I Am Learning 10/19/2008 (Life Journeys)
Our Son's Wedding Day -
October 11th
10/10/2008 (Marriage)
Solitaire... 10/02/2008 (Time)
Take A Look Around 09/16/2008 (Memories)
A Breakdown Of Breaking Down 09/10/2008 (Pain - emotional)
The Piper Waits 08/26/2008 (Trust)
For The Moment 08/24/2008 (Reflective)
It Is... 08/19/2008 (Memories)
The Crazy Lady 08/07/2008 (Short Stories - non-fiction)
Life Is Essentially Just
Waiting For A Bus
08/06/2008 (Disappointment)
Questions 08/05/2008 (Inspirational and Strength)
Worries 07/25/2008 (Stress and Anxiety)
Our Son's Wedding Day - June
06/28/2008 (Marriage)
For Your Consideration 06/26/2008 (Life Lessons)
David 06/20/2008 (Friendship)
In Old Honolulu 06/17/2008 (Memories)
Amphetamines 06/11/2008 (Military and War - by vets)
Frances 06/11/2008 (Family)
One Day Three Years Ago 06/11/2008 (Stress and Anxiety)
The Sweater 06/01/2008 (Memories)
She Knows Me Well 05/26/2008 (Friendship)
Calling 797-2238 05/24/2008 (Love lost or ending)
The Old Man's Potty Time 05/18/2008 (Humorous)
Louisiana Road-kill Stew 05/18/2008 (Humorous)
Life 05/17/2008 (Life Journeys)
Chasing Memories 05/17/2008 (Memories)
Cinquain By Threes 05/17/2008 (Life Lessons)
Took My Breath Away 05/17/2008 (Love lost or ending)
My Nighttime Thousand Yard
05/14/2008 (Emotions and Emotional)
Mother's Day Dream 05/12/2008 (Dreams - sleep)
That Evening, Back In May 05/07/2008 (Love)
Back In '63 04/30/2008 (Life Lessons)
Love In The Form Of A Feline 04/29/2008 (Loneliness)
Moments Of Distress 04/22/2008 (Stress and Anxiety)
The Old Vet In The Wheelchair 04/21/2008 (Patriotism)
Feeling Out-of-sorts 04/21/2008 (Feelings)
To Seek The Summit 04/20/2008 (Reflective)
Just Some Chords To Keep Me
04/20/2008 (Moving On)
In The Clearing 04/10/2008 (Dreaming)
Sometimes 04/03/2008 (Friends)
My Friend... 03/27/2008 (Military and War)
A Man Of God 03/20/2008 (Religious and Religion)
Mom 03/18/2008 (Family)
Sound Advice 03/18/2008 (Humorous)
The Business Card 02/29/2008 (Humorous)
You Can't Go Yet 02/25/2008 (Sadness)
I Remember When 02/18/2008 (Memories)
Coaching Peewee Baseball 02/12/2008 (Life Lessons)
Happy Birthday 02/12/2008 (Suicidal Thoughts)
We Had A Shop... 02/11/2008 (Memories)
The Washstand 02/04/2008 (Reflective)
P O W - M I A Bracelet 01/03/2008 (Memories)
Too Many... 12/23/2007 (Military Memories)
You Only Had To Tell Me Turn
12/18/2007 (Heartbreak)
Alone In The Rain 11/29/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Later 11/20/2007 (Time)
Constantly 11/15/2007 (Emotions and Emotional)
Ti Amo 11/15/2007 (Love)
Transition 11/04/2007 (Waiting)
Sister Tackett, Of Alexandria,
10/31/2007 (Faith)
An Old Soldier's Eyes 10/31/2007 (Military and War - by vets)
For A While 10/15/2007 (Time)
Dreams Of The Everyday Husband 10/12/2007 (Dreams)
County Fairs And Red Balloons 10/12/2007 (Love - just beginning)
I Just Don't Know 10/07/2007 (Questioning)
Does Anyone Ever Say Thank You 10/06/2007 (Reflective)
Where The World Was Created 10/05/2007 (Memories)
Everythin's Wrong 10/04/2007 (Humorous)
Now, Later, And Before This 10/03/2007 (Depression)
Rap Group 09/21/2007 (Military Memories)
But I Can't Go Back 09/20/2007 (Thoughts)
Hangin' In... 09/20/2007 (Hopelessness)
Three O'clock In The
09/17/2007 (Moving On)
Luke 09/06/2007 (Family)
The Hour Is Eleven 09/04/2007 (Life Journeys)
The Old Man In The Corner 08/24/2007 (Aging)
Mommy Has Custody And Daddy
Has Saturdays
08/24/2007 (Families - Broken)
Say, What?? 08/24/2007 (Thoughts)
It's A Verb, Anyway 08/01/2007 (Thoughts)
Another Think Coming 07/31/2007 (Family)
Can Someone Tell Me Why 07/25/2007 (Anger)
Contemplate... Meditate... 07/18/2007 (Thoughts)
I Just Can't Fight It 06/19/2007 (Thoughts)
Happy Memorial Day...
05/26/2007 (Families - Broken)
Memorial Day 2007 05/26/2007 (Friendship Lost)
They Smile As They Lie To The
05/24/2007 (Military and War - by vets)
'membering... 05/23/2007 (Missing Someone)
When The Levee Breaks... 05/19/2007 (Depression)
Five Card Draw 05/19/2007 (Choices)
Patsy June 05/19/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Adjusted Attitude 05/19/2007 (Depression)
1-2-3-4! W-d-w-y-f-w!! 05/15/2007 (Military and War - by vets)
December 1964 04/16/2007 (Memories)
My Muse 04/15/2007 (Poetry and Poets)
Once In A While, Remember
03/21/2007 (Death - tribute)
When I Was 8 Or 9 05/28/2006 (Reflective)
My Turn Was Coming 04/30/2006 (Reflective)
Atonement 10/23/2002 (Military Memories)
Finding A Job 11/28/2001 (Life Lessons)
Go Call My Sons Together 09/01/2001 (Suicidal Thoughts)
The Photograph 08/26/2001 (Military Memories)
And Again, And Again 05/30/2001 (Depression)
Ican'tbelieveididit 05/16/2001 (Military and War - by vets)
You Walk Point, Steve, I'll
Take Tail End...
02/01/2001 (Death - tribute)
27 December 1967 11/06/2000 (Memories)
Thoughts At 3am... 09/22/2000 (Poetry and Poets)
From Miami To Fort Riley In
09/22/2000 (Life Journeys)

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