Shiloh's Writings

It Wouldn't Be Right, Somehow 11/28/2018 (Facing Reality)
A Dream Reawakened 11/27/2018 (Choices)
10 2-letter Words 11/17/2018 (Change)
Juliet 11/01/2018 (Love)
Friend... 10/30/2018 (Friendship)
Sadly Pissed Off 10/18/2018 (Facing Reality)
Try The Orange Ones 10/14/2018 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Time Used To Be On My Side 10/12/2018 (Life Journeys)
My Brother, My Friend... 10/09/2018 (Friendship)
Self-righteousness 09/23/2018 (Religious and Religion)
Now Or Then Or When 09/21/2018 (Confusion)
Benjamin Revisited 09/20/2018 (Life Journeys)
On Marbles As An Investment... 09/12/2018 (Addictions)
Time, Oh What A Time It Was... 09/09/2018 (Aging)
Agent Orange, And Other Things 09/07/2018 (War and 911)
He Could Have, But He Did
Better Than That...
09/05/2018 (Thankfulness)
In That Big Old House... 08/21/2018 (Hurt)
... And Walk Away 08/21/2018 (Choices)
Where Have You Gone, Lonesome
08/10/2018 (Anger)
Do You Remember…? I Do. 08/10/2018 (Loss)
Just Do It. 07/30/2018 (Life Lessons)
To Sleep... Perchance To
07/28/2018 (Choices)
Helpless And Uselesss 07/25/2018 (Animals - Pets)
George.... Up Until 15 July
07/16/2018 (Family)
12 Gauge Shotguns Across A
Card Table
07/11/2018 (Military and War - by vets)
No. 07/04/2018 (Friends)
Thankfully I Am 71 Years
06/30/2018 (Sadness)
...tous Mes Papillons Ont Des
Ailes Cassées ... (all Of
My Butterflies Have Broken
06/25/2018 (Reflective)
My Four Children 06/25/2018 (Military and War - by vets)
A Tiny Lost Soul 06/25/2018 (Animals)
Cat Man 06/25/2018 (Animals - Pets)
Runnin'.... 06/24/2018 (Reflective)
Thomas Square 06/24/2018 (Reflective)
Luis 04/27/2018 (Friendship)
Go Ahead And Just Write 04/05/2018 (Choices)
Why Bother? 03/31/2018 (Life Lessons)
Just A Bit 03/31/2018 (Choices)
With This Hand 03/31/2018 (Life Journeys)
It's Inevitable 03/30/2018 (Death - tribute)
4/1/67 .... Somewhere
Between Xa Nhi Binh And Binh
03/18/2018 (Military Memories)
I've Read Of It... 03/13/2018 (Depression)
Think About This.....
Really, Really Think About It.
02/14/2018 (Feelings)
Let Me Tell You... 01/31/2018 (Facing Reality)
Oh, Of Course Not 01/22/2018 (Animals - Pets)
Broken Paths 01/19/2018 (Memories)
It’s Been So Long 01/08/2018 (Life Journeys)
A Bit Of Control 01/07/2018 (Confusion)
Something To Think About... 01/07/2018 (Life Journeys)
20 Below 01/06/2018 (Humorous)
A Bicycle For Timmy 12/27/2017 (Family)
It Is Christmas Morning... 12/25/2017 (Memories)
I Feel The Rains Coming 12/19/2017 (Life Journeys)
Got No Reason, Got No Rhyme... 12/15/2017 (Facing Reality)
Benjamin 12/14/2017 (Animals - Pets)
My Last Will And Testament 12/13/2017 (War and 911)
The Mayor Of Clinton Street 12/06/2017 (Memories)
Friday, 22 November 11/22/2017 (Memories)
Understanding 11/12/2017 (Love)
Soldier - Wheres Your Name
10/27/2017 (Military Memories)
Take Part In It 10/23/2017 (Life Journeys)

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