Shorty's Writings

I'm Tryin 10/06/2006 (Feelings)
Sorry, But I'm Trying 04/13/2006 (Healing)
Dont Go 04/11/2006 (Depression)
Anybody But You 03/07/2006 (Fear)
Can't Face It 03/06/2006 (Choices)
Your Love Is The Knife 03/02/2006 (Addictions)
I Still Dont Know 02/25/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Visions Of You 02/25/2006 (Missing Someone)
Nothin Til You 02/24/2006 (Happiness)
I Dont Know 02/22/2006 (Confusion)
Fine Til You 02/22/2006 (Choices)
It Still Hurts 02/13/2006 (Hurt)
Dear 02/13/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Love, Your Best Friend 02/13/2006 (Dreaming)
Just The Facts 12/06/2005 (Disappointment)
My Heart Still Breaks 12/05/2005 (Confusion)
Never Spoken 10/24/2005 (Love unrequited)
Forbidden To Touch 08/27/2005 (Change)
Guess Who's Back 08/05/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
Save Me 07/31/2005 (Hurt)
New Begining 07/15/2005 (Relationships)
My Final Words 07/07/2005 (Love lost or ending)
The Day That I Died 07/04/2005 (Love lost or ending)
My Song 06/21/2005 (Thoughts)
Your First Love 06/17/2005 (Feelings)
The Scott Song 06/15/2005 (Choices)
Untitled 06/09/2005 (Thoughts)
The Truth 06/06/2005 (Change)
I'm Scared 06/03/2005 (Disappointment)
What Happened 05/31/2005 (Broken Relationships)
Questions 05/26/2005 (Broken Relationships)
All I Wanted 05/25/2005 (Broken Relationships)
I Wish You Love.. 05/08/2005 (Love)
I'm Back! 04/23/2005 (Self Discovery)
Just In Case 04/23/2005 (Thoughts)
Why? 04/23/2005 (Confusion)
I Am 04/23/2005 (Change)
My Paradise 04/15/2005 (Thoughts)
Just Fallin From Cloud 9 04/14/2005 (Disappointment)
Just Lovin It 04/14/2005 (Love - just beginning)
Dear My First Love, 04/10/2005 (Good-Byes)
Torn But Lingering 04/07/2005 (Broken Relationships)
Home 01/28/2005 (Feelings)
Puzzle 01/28/2005 (Love)
My Relationship 01/27/2005 (Searching For Answers)
Stuck On You 01/27/2005 (Confusion)
The Feel Of Your Skin 12/04/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
No Regrets 12/04/2004 (Life Lessons)
Truth ; Vulnerable 12/04/2004 (Choices)
The Day You Said You Loved Me 11/15/2004 (Love)
If Only You Could Have Stayed,
But Thank You Anyway
11/05/2004 (Loss)
Your Eyes 10/29/2004 (Love)
Anxious To Have You Back 10/29/2004 (Misunderstanding)
Never Leave 10/23/2004 (Happiness)
Inside Tears 10/23/2004 (Hurt)
Stay Close 09/16/2004 (Dreams)
Your Touch 09/13/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
I Found Him 09/13/2004 (Love - just beginning)
Where's My Knight? 08/26/2004 (Fear)
Why Don't You Care? 08/20/2004 (Confusion)

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