StarlightDreamer's Writings

You Have My Heart 05/24/2005 (Love)
Beyond The Light 05/24/2005 (Love)
Candlelight Dreams 05/24/2005 (Love)
Midnight Fantasy 05/24/2005 (Fantasy)
Shaun 05/24/2005 (Love)
The Cries Of My Heart 11/12/2004 (Love lost or ending)
Pen To Paper 08/15/2004 (Thoughts)
Beating Hearts 08/15/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Alone In The Dark 08/15/2004 (Death)
Whispering Hearts 08/14/2004 (Feelings)
Sunset Love 08/13/2004 (Love - passionate)
New Beginnings 08/13/2004 (Life Lessons)
Would You Dance With Me 08/12/2004 (Romantic - Romance)
Nightmare 08/12/2004 (Change)
Rings Around Our Hearts 08/07/2004 (Heartbreak)
The Dance 08/07/2004 (Death)
Close Your Eyes 08/01/2004 (Death)
Mirror Reflections 05/29/2003 (Fear)

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