Terrie*'s Writings

Mother Earths Cry 11/28/2010 (Abuse)
Why Daddy Why?? 11/28/2010 (Abuse)
Walk With Me... 09/20/2010 (Relationships)
Self Healin' Begins 09/18/2010 (Inspirational and Strength)
Endless Summer... 09/15/2010 (Nature)
Spirits In Disguise... 09/11/2010 (Inspirational and Strength)
Just Because... 09/10/2010 (Relationships)
Can You Hear, The Echoes?? 09/10/2010 (Dreams)
Keep His Memory Alive 06/24/2006 (Military and War)
Enough Is Never Enough 02/10/2006 (Facing Reality)
The Cabin 01/18/2006 (Love - passionate)
Within Their Dream 01/07/2006 (Love - passionate)
What's In A Heart? 12/01/2005 (Feelings)
You Reached In So Deep 11/29/2005 (Friends)
My Heart Cries For You 11/28/2005 (Healing)
I Wrote You A Letter 11/28/2005 (Missing Someone)
Yours Till Eternity 11/27/2005 (Thoughts)
Liquid Visions 11/27/2005 (Spiritual)
A Sweet Tender Butterfly Kiss,
Upon My Hearts Lips
11/25/2005 (Happiness)
Your Friendship, Alway's In
Full Bloom In My Heart
11/23/2005 (Friends)
Be Thankful For Everything,
11/22/2005 (Holidays)
My Imaginary Love 11/21/2005 (Angels - spiritual)
Just Hold Me 11/15/2005 (Love - passionate)
A Rose Upon My Pillow 11/14/2005 (Friendship)
Mold Me Into The Doll That You
11/14/2005 (Fantasy - imagination)
So All Alone In My World
Without A Dream
11/14/2005 (Loneliness)
The Life That Lives Within 11/14/2005 (Feelings)
Where It Counts 11/13/2005 (Love)
Holdin' On To A Precious Dream 11/07/2005 (Dreams - sleep)
My Internal And Eternal Love 11/06/2005 (Love)
These New Born Memories 11/05/2005 (Understanding)
My Life Is Sculptured Around A
Fantasy Dream
11/03/2005 (Fantasy)
I Fear The Shadow Of My Heart
And Soul
11/02/2005 (Self Searching)
Let My Love Become The Helium
That Fills All Hearts
10/31/2005 (Inspirational and Strength)
Please, Do Not Tell Me, Not To
10/28/2005 (Feelings)
In The Depth Of My Soul 10/27/2005 (Reflective)
Anything Cain Happen In A
10/25/2005 (Passions)
Ever Since You 10/24/2005 (Friends)
You Are So Precious To Me 10/23/2005 (Friendship)
You Quenched My Thirst 10/23/2005 (Faith)
Make My Life Count Lord 10/23/2005 (Faith)
Birthday's Are A Gift We Share
With Friends
10/22/2005 (Holidays)
Sealed With A Kiss -concrete- 10/21/2005 (Feelings)
My Pulverized Heart, Left A
Water Mark Upon My Soul
10/20/2005 (Emotional Collapse)
A Tear Drop Falls From Heavens
Sky -concrete-
10/20/2005 (Heart Touching)
You Are My Lifetime Dream 10/20/2005 (Dreams)
He Is The Flow Of Tears Within
My Heart
10/19/2005 (Memories)
Consume My Thoughts 10/18/2005 (Healing)
Feelin' And Settin' Your Pain
10/15/2005 (Illness and Health)
The Inside Of My Heart 10/14/2005 (Facing Reality)
Rock Tough 10/12/2005 (Relationships)
From Across The Way 10/12/2005 (Friendship)
My Heart's Soul Searches For
True Love
10/09/2005 (Soul Searching)
Share This Private Moment With
10/08/2005 (Love - forbidden)
Grow Old With Me 10/07/2005 (Inspirational and Strength)
Yesterday's Dreams 10/05/2005 (Memories)
Yellow Rose Of Texas In Bloom 10/01/2005 (Memories)
The Incense Of Your Love 09/30/2005 (Missing Someone)
Midnight Lace And My
09/28/2005 (Dreaming)
Weepin' Willow 09/27/2005 (Memories)

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