Tricia's Writings

Sadness Untitled 09/01/2008 (Suicidal Thoughts)
I've Weeped 09/01/2008 (Good-Byes)
You Called 09/01/2008 (Marriage)
His 06/14/2008 (Love - distance)
Military Spouses 06/14/2008 (Military and War)
Damn You 08/10/2007 (Marriage)
Letters 06/15/2007 (Marriage)
He Sits Alone 05/13/2007 (Loneliness)
Alone Tonight She Waits 05/13/2007 (Depression)
My Man 01/12/2007 (Family)
Unknown 12/16/2005 (Relationships)
Today, Tomorrow And Forever 12/16/2005 (Marriage)
He's Leaving Again 03/05/2005 (Military and War)
The Little People 02/05/2005 (Sports)
Soldiers Christmas 12/11/2004 (Military and War)
Flashbacks 11/26/2004 (Military and War)
Guarding Hearts 05/15/2004 (Passions)
Not In Love 05/14/2004 (Love lost or ending)
In His Arms 05/11/2004 (Feelings)
I Got These Feelings 05/10/2004 (Love - forbidden)
Silence 05/03/2004 (Love - forbidden)
Fame And Fortune 04/24/2004 (Thoughts)
Forbidden 04/12/2004 (Love - forbidden)
Just Walk Away 03/28/2004 (Love)
Strength Of A Young Soul 03/01/2004 (Abuse)
Ss Jesse 02/27/2004 (Love lost or ending)
Kiss Away The Tears 01/23/2004 (Military and War)
No Title 12/29/2003 (Marriage)
His Picture 12/05/2003 (Death)
Tis My Christmas Wish 11/11/2003 (Holidays)
Hoping 11/06/2003 (Military and War)
Staying Strong 11/05/2003 (Inspirational and Strength)
My Tears For You 10/06/2003 (Love)
Never Thought 09/29/2003 (Death)
Angels 09/18/2003 (Love)
Just A Lil Jibber Jabber 09/15/2003 (Thoughts)
Unknown Life 09/11/2003 (Military and War)
Changing 09/06/2003 (Life Journeys)
Life's Rainbow 09/05/2003 (Life Journeys)
Those We Love 09/01/2003 (Love - distance)
Waiting 08/06/2003 (Waiting)
You Were There 08/06/2003 (Waiting)
Daddy's Girl 07/29/2003 (Parents and Parenting)
Grandpa's Little Angel 07/28/2003 (Death)
Our Soldier Boys 07/23/2003 (Military and War)
Deployment 07/23/2003 (Military and War)
Leaving 07/23/2003 (Military and War)
There I Stood 07/17/2003 (Short Creative Writings)
War 07/17/2003 (Military and War)
Let Her Know 07/17/2003 (Military and War)
My Soldier Boy 07/17/2003 (Military and War)
Years Forgotten 07/05/2003 (Short Creative Writings)
You Left Me 07/05/2003 (Waiting)
The Last Call 07/05/2003 (Attack - 911)
Looking On 09/25/2002 (Abuse)

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