The Little Fish
21 September, 2005
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Once upon a time there was a little fish. She cried all the time because it was smaller than all the other fish in her school. The other fish were always nice to her but she was always left behind when she couldn't keep up.

"Just be patient child" her mother told her. "You will grow big and beautiful like the others in your school", but she didn't believe her.

After a time little fish grew into a grand fish, surpassing all the others. It was just as her mother said. Her tail more beautiful, her body sleek, long and full of color. She would swim around showing off all the time, so proud to be a grander fish than all the others in her school.

One day there came a fisherman. He baited his hook and cast his line into the water. From a distance one in the school noticed the moving worm.

"Hey look at that, might be dinner" it said. The grand fish being the show off that she was took off quickly in the direction of the wiggling worm.

"Might be MY dinner!" she called back laughing at the others in the school as they tried to chase after her.

Of course she was the first to arrive to the meal because she was larger and faster than the others. She took a bite of the nice juicy worm that floated there before her. Turning she was going to carry it back to show the rest of the school her meal, but with a sudden tug she found she could not turn back.

The fish fought hard but could not swim away no matter how hard she tried. Slowly she was reeled in by the fisherman while her school mates watched. She grew too tired to fight any longer.

"What a nice big fish " the fisherman exclaimed holding up his catch. Then he added the fish into his basket

Moral of the story:

Be happy and humble with who you are or you may become a basket case


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