Mitochondrial Eve - Where Evolution Fails
Author: Mark Spencer


A DNA study was done
Just a few short years ago.
Focusing on man’s origins,
What they’d find, they did not know.

After the study concluded,
Results were hard to believe.
All humans came from one woman,
Dubbed Mitochondrial Eve.

Meanwhile, in another study,
Scientists were on the brink;
With Neanderthal DNA,
They searched for the missing link.

But results weren’t as expected,
Scientists could find no trace,
They could not make Neanderthal,
Fit into the human race.

DNA samples did not match,
We remain a mystery.
The missing link is still missing,
Somewhere in earth’s history.

What of Mitochondrial Eve?
Could she be the solution?
Could our matriarch hold the key,
To mankind’s evolution?

Approach the question logically
And the answer becomes clear.
If we really came from primates,
Then why are primates still here?

If we had the same origin,
And all life crawled from the sea,
Could Eve have been responsible
For all of humanity?

We could not have just one mother,
There must be a solution.
How could she be the only one
To change through evolution?

Some believe there were aliens,
Who altered our DNA.
And when their task was completed,
They packed up and flew away.

Though genetic alteration,
Could have changed man’s direction.
It simply could not have severed
Our DNA connection.

And so the answers elude us,
And the link stays out of reach.
Proof hides behind a barrier
Even science cannot breach.

If three roads stretch out before you,
Two without destination,
Perhaps the answers are waiting,
Down the road of creation.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Megan ( -- Tuesday, October 11 2005, 04:04 am

That one makes you think.

Wow! That was incredible! It really makes you think.
Mark Spencer ( -- Sunday, October 16 2005, 11:58 pm

The wonders of DNA

Think about it. What other evolved species shares the earthly stage with their supposed progenitor? If we evolved from primates, why are primates still swinging from trees and beating their breasts in our jungles? The DNA studies done in the late 1980’s that yielded the Mitochondrial Eve theory, and the “Out Of Africa” hypothesis, were later brought into question due to recent mitochondrial DNA discoveries. New evidence indicates that the passing of mitochondrial DNA is not exclusive to the mother. The earlier study concluded that all human life could trace their origin to “Mitochondrial Eve,” somewhere between one hundred thousand and two hundred thousand years ago.
Mark Spencer ( -- Sunday, October 16 2005, 11:59 pm

The wonders of DNA continued...

Another study, using Y chromosome sequencing traced the origin of man to a sixty thousand to ninety thousand year old “Adam.” The results of the two studies concluded that Y Chromosome Adam and Mitochondrial Eve never met. However, in light of new mitochondrial DNA evidence, we discover that the original mitochondrial DNA study was not just tracing the female family tree. It was tracing both male and female to one source.
Mark Spencer ( -- Monday, October 17 2005, 12:00 am

The wonders of DNA continued...

Based on the evolutionary model; tracing both male and female to one source is impossible. Since Darwin claimed that all life originated in the waters of the primordial soup, evolution must have been marching across the globe, not limiting itself to one small area. Therefore, we would have evolved from many sources instead of one. Theoretically, our origin could be traced back, beyond the evolutionary jump from primate to hominid. Yet no evidence can be produced to support our ascent from any lower form of life. Recent DNA studies have concluded that Homo-Sapiens and Homo-Neanderthalensis (Neanderthal) are not related. In fact, no link has ever been made between modern man and any other hominid species. Why is it so difficult to find the missing link? Because God never created one.
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