What We Take For Granted
21 December, 2005
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Would there be good without the bad
Would there be happiness without the sad
Would a smile mean anything if there was not a frown
Could we appreciate the difference if the 'same' was all we found

Would we know the craziness if we only embraced the sane
Would we enjoy the sun if there was no rain
Would there be a heaven if there was no hell
Could we appreciate one if there hadn't been 'no one' at all

Would we truly feel love without the pain of loss
Would we know a bargin if there was no cost
Would we know the joy of 'having', never doing without
Could we appreciate assurance if there had been no doubt

Would we take for granted togetherness if we never had been alone
Would spring bring such relief if winter we'd never known
Could we truely appreciate the future, if we had never lived the past
Would we take the time to ponder the first if there was not a last


Comments on this poem/writing:

Tammy ( -- Wednesday, December 21 2005, 05:11 am


I love this poem, and your so right. This write speaks truth... Beautiful Dreamer just Beautiful!
Tammy ( -- Wednesday, December 21 2005, 05:28 am


It's me again, After reading this poem, it made me really think. It made me think about my marriage, my family, and everything I have been through in my life. My hubby made a mistake, but believe me he has paid for it for so long now, because I have never let him live it down. But now reading this poem it has opened my eyes. I am gonna suck up that jealousy, and give this marriage a new start. I don't think I will ever stop writng about what his cheating done to me, but this poem sure gave me a different look at things. Thank you Dreamer for this poem!
Meridian ( -- Wednesday, December 21 2005, 05:23 pm

darn good poem

Hey Dreamer! I couldn't agree with Tammy more. This poem is definitely an eye-opener. Life wouldn't be life if didn't have its downs. Because if life were easy, we wouldn't have challenges to face and though I don't want to admit it, we do need challenges. So that we could learn how to deal with certain obstacles next time. So that we could smile and say I've been there done that. So that we could say I've been through the fire, and I've come out as pure gold. Wonderful poem Dreamer! Simply wonderful!
Pondering Red ( -- Friday, December 23 2005, 08:47 pm


Right on !!!! great poem...the paradox of opposites..I truly belive this..very philosophical and that is the cycle and flow of life !!!!!
Clive ( -- Saturday, December 24 2005, 06:35 pm


We all need that remider that there are different sides in life, You write as always with passion and a beauty that shines
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, February 21 2006, 05:34 pm

the eyes of my heart see , what i took 4 granted

thank you for these know what they mean to me presently and have become a part of me
your a true inspiration in my life
MC ( -- Tuesday, February 21 2006, 06:09 pm

Everything happens for a reason....

....and it brings balance to our lives. Thanks for reading our hearts and helping us to keep our lives in perspective. I'm getting addicted to this website!!
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