22 June, 2006
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


So Fragile
I touch the petals and they drop from the stem
Though the scent is still upon them, it is done
The memories of the Rose persist as I look to the remains
I could capture it in a glass jar
Opening it only to breath deep of the scent
But why? It would only sadden me
Bringing to memory the falling petals.
I would not remember the rose in it's splendor
Only the loss, as it fell from it's magnificence

If instead I write of the Rose it will last forever.
Immortalized in it's beauty.
Soft, velvety petals spreading in full glory
It's aroma intoxicating as I breath in,
With my eyes closed I memorize the scent... it's perfection
As if laying delicately upon a satin pillow
It brings me the joy of remembered passion
It fills my heart with love of it's ethereal nature
Placed it in a vase, it would stand alone in simple elegance

If left upon the branches it's beauty can be shared by all
Memories are created and captured,
There amongst the green it is joined by other blooms
I will not have to bend to take in the scent
It is delivered by a gentle breeze
It nods as if it knows it is royal
And that somehow it will withstand time

Can you now picture the Rose?
As I have painted it's picture
Can you close your eyes and feel it?
Can you breath deep and almost smell it's scent?
Does the beauty remain with you?
It goes into the thoughts of all who read
Now, the memory of the Rose is forever


Comments on this poem/writing:

MC ( -- Thursday, June 22 2006, 03:56 am

Beautifully descriptive

Memories can bring back an experience as if it were just happening. I swear I could smell the scent of my favorite rose (White Escimo) when I read this. Wonderfully written, as always.
barb ( -- Thursday, June 22 2006, 04:56 am

another take on this

It was so thought provoking for me. To me I thought of the rose as a person that we never forget. good write.
Terrie* ( -- Thursday, June 22 2006, 10:07 pm

a sweet fragrant thought that lingers..

Beautiful.. as i was readin' this i thought of my Rose garden , filled w/as assortment of beauties , my sanctuary, my escape from reality into a place i was before...i named "Memory Garden" for the loved ones that parted from my life. thank you Dreamer, for allowin' our souls to dip into this petal soft read....
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