Teaching Tact And Courtesy
Author: Barbara Goodhew


Tact and common sense
should be a subject in school.

To say things that are tacky
is being rude and uncool.


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Bipedalguy ( -- Monday, January 8 2007, 06:23 am

Well said

I couldn't say it better.
It might not be a bad idea to teach these things in school. It would be better than some things that are being tought today.
barb ( -- Monday, January 8 2007, 07:52 pm

thanks Bip

Some don't think before they speak.
capricorn ( -- Sunday, January 14 2007, 12:17 am


I think good manners should be taught in school -- it's a basic fact of life.
barb ( -- Sunday, January 14 2007, 04:58 pm

thanks cap

don't you find manners and consideration makes a difference to whether people think you are a jerk or a nice person.
Meridian ( -- Monday, January 15 2007, 04:39 am

ah yes

Are we on the same page or what? Beautiful Lady B. You know, sadly, if this were taught in schools, I doubt if anything would get accomplished. Know why? Good manners should start at home - it's the parents role to teach them in the way that they should go, so that when they get old...they will not depart from it.

- just felt like throwing a little scripture in

Barb, you're so commonsensical and you have so much wisdom. My question for the earlier generations before us is...where did they go wrong? Why did they stop instilling the importance of politeness, etiquette, good manners, consideration, and etc.? Why did some stop passing down good parenting skills to their children? Why has this cycle ended?
Meridian ( -- Monday, January 15 2007, 04:50 am


Cause you know, I'll be the first to say, I've had my shell of impudence and rebellion and I got skinned real good. You know, I guess parents in this day and time think when their kids get in their teens on up...that they are too "grown" to be corrected. Who's the mother and father here? The children or the actual birth parents?
Who had who? Who raised who? You know what I'm saying?
I've heard some say, "Well my babies are getting older and I need to back off"
Meridian ( -- Monday, January 15 2007, 04:55 am


Give your children an inch, they'll take a mile.
It doesn't mean parents have to breath down there neck every five seconds, and smother them and be overprotective....
But still lay the ground rules. Don't be too lenient. The rules you don't cover, what you don't tell kids, they'll actually think the wrong thing is the right thing to do.

At my young age, I'm an old soul. Shoot, if my mother and father never disciplined me, if they never been strict with me, if they never communicated with me....
Meridian ( -- Monday, January 15 2007, 04:55 am


Then I would've been one of the ones who would be smart-aleck. I would've been one of the ones who walk over my elders and don't speak...especially, in church. I would've been one of the ones that didn't care what I said or did to anyone. No qualms.

Like I said, you don't have to be one of those parents that don't give their children any breathing room to be a good parent...

I thank God for my parents.
Meridian ( -- Thursday, January 18 2007, 06:03 am

then again

I was just thinking Barb...then again, you can teach a child every good thing out the book and they can still turn out contrary to what you've embedded in them...

- a miracle will have to be performed (laugh out loud)
shan ( -- Friday, February 2 2007, 02:20 am


lol i love you guys... barb, meri, cap, bip.. such big hearted, thoughtful common sense instilled in us people, huh? i agree meri, it should start at home!! but i must also say... with myself coming from a not so respectable home life style, say that common sense, manners, and courtesy is something each person has within, i think it's just not nearly practiced enough.. sad but true.. and i must say i'm SO glad the world is full of people like you guys and myself.. maybe we could kick some common sense around a block or two!!! love you guys!
barb ( -- Friday, February 2 2007, 02:38 am my way of thinking

When we were growing we feared of doing and saying anything wrong in case we got swatted. Kids now know that nothing can be done to them. It use to be kids were fearful of elders.Some fear instilled respect. No fear. no respect. I don't mean fearful abuse but some kind of disepline is needed. To teach a child the stove is a no no we smack their hand so they don't touch. We used to get a smack across the mouth to teach respect. Now They call it abuse and kids use it as a threat.
And Shan It's a good idea to kick some sense into them but then We will be charged with abuse lol
shan ( -- Friday, February 2 2007, 05:25 am


haha, well i didn't mean physically... i meant more verbally, barb :-P but there's a select few that i'd risk being charged with abuse for attempting to straighten em out with a tap on a cheek.. lol naah, actually, i'd rather reach em with words.. HECK yeah!! long live poets!
Barb 2 ( -- Friday, June 19 2009, 08:42 am

Can I use it?

Hi Barb, another Barb here. I'm writing a book for kids about manners. Was wondering if you would allow me to put this poem in.
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