Work - A - Day Stress
24 January, 2007
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I try to forget
what I can only remember
Put it aside
only brings it to the front
Ignore it and go on
makes me think about it more
I'd rather just give it a rest

Leave me alone
and I'll get the job done
Does the right way not count anymore?
Riding my case
only makes more mistakes
as my attention is divided by two

I pick up the slack
of those that are lack
to perfection they don't even come close
But as I maintain
you only find fault
and push till I nearly explode

But if left alone
I could easily succeed
in all the faults that you seek so to find
The stress you just add
till I can't let it go
Now the problems I take with me home

------- Author's Notes -------

If the bosses would just let a person do their job they might find the better employees could do an even better job. Instead of pushing and riding them, they should ride the slackers to force them to be better employees..


Comments on this poem/writing:

Catyrose ( -- Wednesday, January 24 2007, 08:51 am

I agree

Have a had more than my share of these types of bosses in my time. But when left to my own devices, without someone nagging or looking over my shoulder I get the job done and well! It has never made sense to me why employers push so hard on the better workers and the slackers just keep on slacking and no one seems to even notice. Good poem and message, we need to put this up in the workplace and maybe they'll take notice :)
Bipedalguy ( -- Thursday, January 25 2007, 02:13 am

A good point, very well expressed in a great write

It reminds me of a boss I had over 30 years ago, who was always changing my course. When he was on vacation or on a business trip I always got caught up on the loose ends. He was always happy when he returned, but I could never complete most things when he was there. Things piled up.
That said, in many ways, he was one of the best people around. He's still around.
What a character !!
Meridian ( -- Sunday, January 28 2007, 11:47 pm

Dreamer is in the house! Hey Dreamer! Hopefully, this poem will catch a supervisor's attention (one that's guilty of what you mention here)... who knows? This poem just might click with one of

Great poem Lady R!
P.S. Awesome blog entries you've got there. I've tried several times unsuccessfully to leave a comment, but the only thing that prohibited me from doing so was the Spam question.
But critically written for the human mind which is extremely remarkable. Hope to read more!
Nicole R ( -- Tuesday, January 30 2007, 09:56 pm

i sooooo agree

slackers can really bring the workplace down and just cause drama
anonymous ( -- Sunday, February 4 2007, 06:45 am


I let the slacker cut his own throat. He takes over 8 hrs. to do a 1 hr. job. You see boss! Now you see what I see, when you stick him with me. He was fired the next day! Ya!----They'll get theirs someday, Dreamer, don't sweat it.
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