Author: T'Lonna Robbins



Now God made the world go round
He made the whites, the blacks and browns
We all different, aint nobody the same
Cuz if we the same then the world strange
We individuals we all have rights
So why is there so many fights
Not jus' cross seas but here in the USA
There are so many gangs jus' like the KKK
Going against one race or another
God made us all sisters and brothers
No matter what color it shouldnt matter
What matters is no hearts being shattered
By threats and comments being spoken
I was a victim of a life being broken
Cuz of who I am and what I looked like
I cant help Im mixed, I didnt chose this life
Neither did you, you gonna change it
But you can change your ways and do whats right
Love everybody around you
Open your mouth, speak your mind
Dont hold back your feelings inside
Let them go then maybe youll be aight


Humans dont understand we all peoples
Everybody's free everybody's equal
Whats wrong with the world
People going around saying things
Yelling and screaming out the "N" word
Theres no point in that but they think its cool
But its not, its used to insult blacks
Then we got others saying cracker
Used against the whites but I thought you eat it
With cheese for a snack or with chilli
But now they all saying them things
Blacks and whites without thinking
Blacks using the "C" word
Whites using the "N" word
Now they both be saying it
Its the dumbest thing I ever heard
We should all respect each other
Not denying each other
I lay in my bead at night and dream
About Martin Luther King
And hope to most people his words go to meaning
And then one day the world would be at PEACE!



Comments on this poem/writing:

meridian ( -- Tuesday, February 6 2007, 04:28 am


Amen on this one sistah! You made me crack up about the chilli and cheese part...
Wonderful poem girl! What I don't understand is, we know the word is racial, but why do some of us use it in our everyday conversations?
T'Lonna ( -- Tuesday, February 6 2007, 07:28 pm


thank you so much for reading my poems your words inspire me so much to meridian you speak the truth in most of your poems and you too are a wonderful writer keep reading
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, February 6 2007, 10:35 pm

Dream.... Peace.....

T'Lonna, this was outstandin', i know what 'cha mean child, makes you wonder what the world would be like if we were ALL Blind, not one ounce of prejudice in our come aresa all races are comin' together, but theres always one person whom wont allow it to go by un-noticed..i too hope that many will absorb Martin Luther Kings Speech and bring his Dream to life...great share ...
shan ( -- Wednesday, February 7 2007, 02:01 am

oh wow, gurl

what an incredible write!!! incredible message!! terri and meri said it all, "if we were all blind" and lol the chilli and cheese part made me laugh too. it can be a mean cruel world we live in, but one heart, one person, one message at a time.. i pray the world will change
totally incredible write! keep it up, gurl!
shiloh ( -- Tuesday, July 1 2008, 08:17 pm

Righteous... just totally righteous!

I see beauty in your words and in your thoughts, and I only wish that I could see that same beauty in everyone, every day, everywhere... what a great message of hope and love - please, do not ever lose your vision - one day it will be as Dr. King wanted it to be... I pray that your words and his words will be the guide for all of mankind. Man, wouldn't that just be wonderful? peace...
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