Eight Days
17 March, 2007
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


What would I do if I had eight days to live
Would I call people I knew to let them know
How much they really meant to me
How they helped me grow

Would I go on vacation
To some exotic place
To explore or lead some adventure
Maybe give some lions a chase

Or lay on a beach
On a far away shore
Just drinking pina coladas
and wanting for nothing more

If I would do this if I only had eight days to live
What stops me from doing it now
Telling friends I love them
To let them know, some how

Should I not live life to the fullest
And enjoy doing all those things
Maybe glide with the birds
Using artificial wings

For how do I know that I don't have only eight days to live
To share all that I feel
And to do all that I want
Maybe that's why I don't treat life... so nonchalant

------- Author's Notes -------

Everyday is and adventure.. You just have to truly live it.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Bipedalguy ( -- Saturday, March 17 2007, 02:48 am

A great thought expressed in a great poem.

This really rings a bell. It makes a very good point. I would like to live like there was no next week. The only problem being that if next week comes after all, the bills will start coming too.
I'll just have to limit myself to eating desert first. Have you read that book?
"Life is Uncertain, Eat Desert First"
Becky ( -- Saturday, March 17 2007, 02:54 am


No, I have not read the book I will look into it.. I fully understand the bills thing. I guess I was lucky I did most of my adventurous stuff when I was young. I never worried about bills then. Now that I am older I am content to sit back and relax after a week of work, for a couple of days.. I limit my adventurous spirit to a few spontaneous out bursts a year. It's amazing how little adventure can actually cost.. And how little it really takes to make a soul content again.
Robert ( -- Saturday, March 17 2007, 02:24 pm

Hugs instead of hand shakes

Great write Becky...A good friend of mine survived a blod clot in his lungs just the other day...I shook his hand. He said Bob, I give my friends hugs now...This was a wake up call!
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