Silent Art
Author: Luke Mudge


Sitting down staring in one direction not moving just looking out into nothing. Itís a silent tear on somebodyís face when they cant stop thinking of whatever it is that is making them look like this. When they could just get it out if they said something but their quiet fear is screaming at them and telling them to keep it all in.

A picture of their eyes flashes in your mind over and over as you go throughout your day, because the one thing you love about them is the one thing you love doing to them and that is making them smile. Because the combination of there smile and there eyes knocks at your heart and forces you to smile.

Its like a constant tone of a piano as a note keeps getting hit repeatedly, itís a distraction from your life, not letting you go on with being ďnormal, because all you want to do is take them on the same beautiful paths that youíve walked your whole life and show them the best time of their lives, so that maybe you can once again see them smile.

The deep end of the ocean is where you feel you have been drawn too, because your mind is making you think and feel so many constant moving ideas and thoughts, that you jus sink down before you are blind by the darkness of the cold water, as you go further and further into your mental ocean.

If when you die your body lay beneath 6ft of dirt but your soul takes part of another life-form then I want to come back as a leaf on a tree. Leaves by far, live the best lives, they grow and die in one year so this way everybody should have a turn to be a leaf. Itís the only life form that we admire all year long. It has a nice green glow in the spring and summer, and then when summer turns into fall, leaves start to get older. Unlike humans who get old and frail and less attractive, leaves become even more beautiful than it ever was right before it passes its life. We admire these leaves every autumn and they steal the spotlight and become a main attraction. Even the dead ones we either will pick up and look at or just have that memory of walking down a road with them all around you in the autumn air. So that even when you died if you are a single leaf, you are still beautiful.

When you look back at something and it makes you smile, when your blinded from reality and it makes you stop and think, when you feel like you need something that youíre not sure is really there, its your conscious telling you something to do no matter what the consequence.

Itís like being in a closed room with 3 doors, and only one of them is an opening to another room, and the other two doors are just walls behind the door letting you know your stuck in your mental journey.

Skipping a stone and watching it dance across the water before it gets tired and plunges itself into the water, is another way of taking a walk through my mind. I can be having the best time of my life, but there is always a point in which I am in need of something I donít have.

You know that hidden secret that makes your eyes gaze at somebody, when you see hidden beauty within somebody, itís a hidden gift that God has given somebody so that everyone who can see this hidden masterpiece, can see Godís work of art.

When you wake up every morning, just realize that the pictures of everything you see are an important work of art, that the emotions you are feeling are leading you somewhere, and just when you think something is wrong, something will jump in your way and will make you smile.


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shiloh ( -- Thursday, December 4 2008, 12:07 am

very descriptive, very captivating...

I love your description of the life of leaves, and the way you compare the seasons of the leaf to the lifespan of a person... terribly beautiful, and such depth in your narrative... you make me proud.
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