Day Of Disappointment
16 April, 2007
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Throwing my pearls to swine
Continuing to try to do what's right
Slap me in the face as I turn the other cheek
But it doesn't take away the hurt

Time and time again I do what is right
What a parent should do for their child
She says she appreciates what we do
But her actions say much more than her words

Calling to tell us how she has helped other people
But doesn't charity start at home
I have asked her for help many times
But she never seems to show up

I asked her to tell them we referred her to them
A few dollars to help for all the money we loaned
Carelessly, as usual, she conveniently forgot what I said
And she can't understand why I am mad

Then with nerve she asked us to fix
A problem this same thing caused
To drop what we have planned and again come to aid
I'm sorry, I think this is too much

I will not do anything more for this ungrateful child
No more money, no more free rent; I have drawn the line here
Thanks to her bragging that she used us for her selfish gain
It was the last straw on this camels back

Such an ugly user of a person she has become
I don't know where she learned this behavior from
Hopefully she will learn that God helps those who help themselves
Cause I have no more cheeks to turn


Comments on this poem/writing:

Tammy ( -- Monday, April 16 2007, 01:20 pm


This read was so heartbreaking, You give your all, and still you keep getting walked on, pushed over, and forgotton. I hope this young lady opens her eyes, and realizes how lucky she is to have you.
Meridian ( -- Tuesday, April 17 2007, 06:07 am


Sorry about that Dreamer. The last line is really powerful. Those seven words are perfect for ending this poem. I'm gonna mimic Tammy in saying, hopefully she will realize the examples you've set, all that you've done to make her happy....

Beautiful Dreamer! Want some ice, so that you can cool off some. I can only imagine how hard tha can be. But I don't want you to drive on the road

Day of Disappointment is a perfect poem for those that sometimes 'forget' all that their parents have sacrificed for them...
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