Beneath The Cottonwood Tree
21 May, 2007
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


A fluff of cotton fell slowly to the ground. Billy Bunny watched as it landed in the grass right in front of him. He stared at it. He didn't move. He didn't even twitch his nose or an ear.

He watched as the wind wiggled the soft seed. Billy suddenly took two quick jumps and leaped right on top of the fluff of cotton.

"What are you doing?" asked his sister Brenda.

"You better hop away fast. I'm a big cat and I 'm gonna get you next." Billy tried to say in his scariest voice. He had quite an imagination for a little fellow.

"Whatever", said Brenda as she chewed away on a mouth full of the sweet clover from the clover patch. Billy stared at her pretending once again to be a big scary cat. "Stop it Billy" his sister said watching him out of the corner of her eye.

Billy didn't move for a few seconds. He didn't twitch his nose or an ear. Suddenly he jumped leaping right on his sister.

"Stop it!" she shouted and then laughed as they rolled around in the grass. He hopped quickly away as she gave chase. "Wait till I get you" she called after him.

"You won't catch me" He teased back at her as he hopped away. He paused for a second to see how far away she was.

PLOP!! She pounced right on top of him. "GOTCHA! Won't catch ya huh? Now look who's a big cat." They were both laughing as they tumbled around. Then took turns playing tag through the clover patch.

"FREEZE! FREEZE!" Came the loud voice of Mr Jay. They both stopped immediately. Their mother told them to always listen to the other animals warning calls. They both froze in place. They only moved their eyes. They didn't twitch a nose or an ear.

Ricky, the big black puppy, came bouncing around the corner. They both sat very still, just as Mother Rabbit had taught them. Ricky ran around giving chase to some invisible creature. They knew if they even moved an ear Ricky would see them and the race would be on. Ricky never caught them but they didn't want to find out what would happen if he did.

Ricky didn't know it was not nice to chase the little animals. He just liked to run. He would chase anything that moved.

Billy and Brenda waited completely still. They heard a loud whistle. Ricky turned around and bounced back around the corner out of sight. They sat there real still just in case he came back.

"ALL CLEAR! ALL CLEAR!" Mr Jay called out.

"Thank-you Mr Jay." Brenda politely replied to him. She looked up to see which branch he sat on in Old Mother Cottonwood. It was always fun to try and find him among all the many branches of huge tree. This time he was on one of the lower branches and was really easy to find.

"No Problem. You two better get home, Better get home." He called back as he flew off into the sky.

"Come On Billy, It's starting to get dark. Mom will be looking for us soon." Billy didn't want to go home but he knew after Ricky had been out that old Alley Cat would be next. It was much better to be safe at home when Alley Cat was around.

The twins hopped to the big evergreen bush beneath Old Mother Cottonwood. Their mom was just coming out to look for them.

"Good Timing".


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shiloh ( -- Monday, August 6 2007, 07:28 am

ahh... a bedtime story again

this one made me smile - i haven't had a story like this since i was about as high as a bunny, i guess. nice to read something like this once in a while. thanks for this one!
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