Author: Mark Spencer


Can you think, for just a moment,
Without finite restraints;
Beyond linear progression,
Where time has no constraints?

Letís focus on eternity,
And how it is defined;
Having no end or beginning,
Unlike your finite mind.

Itís a boundless and timeless state,
That you cannot perceive.
The nature of eternity,
The mind cannot conceive.

You canít imagine boundlessness,
While bound to such a quest.
And every thought takes time to think,
We fail the timeless test.

Yet if eternity is so,
I find it curious.
For something bound to space and time,
Is not but spurious.

Eternity does not have width,
Nor, also, depth or height.
It isnít measured by its space,
Itís neither vast nor slight.

So think about reality,
And share my confusion;
Isnít matter just energy,
Forming an illusion?

Did that energy bind itself,
Shaping all that weíve known?
If eternity is boundless,
Could we form on our own?

If you ponder the paradox,
Youíll understand my case.
Eternity does not include
What we call time and space.

So could this realm create itself,
From out of nothingís maw;
Or overcome eternity,
And itís eternal law?

Something cannot come from nothing,
Another paradox.
And universes do not form,
Without the building blocks.

Neither finite nor infinite,
Have answers to this twist.
So what conclusion can we reach,
For how we all exist?

When each choice finds a paradox,
That leaves one conclusion.
There has to be another force,
Binding this illusion.

For if it canít form on its own,
You have to heed the sign.
Weíre left with one alternative:
Intelligent design.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Megan ( -- Thursday, September 6 2007, 11:29 am


This blew me away! Amazing!!!
Russ ( -- Monday, September 10 2007, 09:19 pm

Great points. This blows my mind!

You make a lot of great points in this. Your logic makes perfect sense. I've never been much of a believer in things I can't see or touch, but now I'm going to have to rethink all of it. If what you say is true, what I see and touch are the illusion, and what I can't see is what's real. Blows my mind brother.
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