Simulation Revelation
Author: Mark Spencer


Have you ever stopped to wonder
How life really began?
Could it have been an accident,
Or part of someoneís plan?

Iíve pondered probabilities,
Reflected on whatís true,
Explored the possibilities,
Of what I thought I knew.

I looked at all the miracles,
That happen every day.
Inhuman strength, under duress,
Keeps death firmly at bay.

A little girl watched dad lift weights,
And wanted to join in.
Before her dad could tell her no,
Sheíd lifted ten times ten.

Soon she was lifting more than dad,
A claim proved credible,
When she performed for all to see,
On ďThatís Incredible.Ē

So think about this logically,
And help me prove it wrong.
So many things are out of place,
And not where they belong.

Sometimes I wonder if itís true,
This odd reality.
For I canít seem to make it fit,
With these anomalies.

In spite of everything Iíve tried,
To prove it couldnít be,
This quest left me unsatisfied,
My goal evaded me.

How can human intuition
Provide even a clue,
To acts that havenít happened yet,
Or things like dťjŗ vu?

Either this has all been written,
Which seems to be the case,
Or things are written as we go,
Despite whatís out of place.

Your senses tell you what is real,
But what if thatís a lie?
Matter is really energy,
A fact we canít deny.

It is bound by unseen forces,
Which make it tangible.
If energy is its true state,
Then is this logical?

If we start out as energy,
That truth leaves me perplexed.
For energy without the flesh
Would simply have no sex.

A fact thatís always bothered me,
Since many claim itís true,
That man can have a womanís soul,
The reverse happens too.

But that would never be the case,
If logic had control.
For sex is biological,
Its not part of the soul.

There is one answer to my quest,
That I, at first, dismissed.
It explains these anomalies,
And how they could exist.

Advances in technology,
Have gained on fantasy.
What we thought were flights of fancy,
Will be reality.

Or virtual reality,
To be more on the nose.
It can answer all the questions,
That logic might oppose.

Was that girl really strong enough
To lift three hundred pounds?
Is lifting cars to save a child
As crazy as it sounds?

If intuition were not true,
Then I would now be dead.
While most believe that dťjŗ vu
Is not just in their head.

And this would make it possible,
That a girl be a guy,
A man could be a woman too,
Something I canít deny.

It also makes a valid point,
For reincarnation.
Since you could live a thousand lives,
In a simulation.

The Matrix will become a fact
In less than fifty years.
How do you know that what you see,
Is how the truth appears?

What if the time in which you live,
Is in some distant age?
Where we learn human history,
On a virtual stage?

But do not take my word at all,
Instead, prove it a lie.
And if you find it canít be done,
How then will you reply?

It isnít easy to accept,
Such a revelation;
That what you think is real could be,
Just a simulationÖ


Comments on this poem/writing:

Justus Isaiah Richardson ( -- Sunday, October 7 2007, 11:07 pm


Ok Bro, my mind is officially blown! You're right, some things just don't fit. I remember that episode of That's Incredible with the little girl lifting weights. Man, talk about a workout! My brain is gonna look like "Arnold" before I get done thinking about this one. Thanks a lot Bro.

Mark Spencer ( -- Saturday, October 27 2007, 12:07 pm

Thanks Justus

This is just a little concept my brother and I have been discussing. I'm glad you enjoyed it. God bless.

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