Apron Strings
3 April, 2008
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


"Keri Ann you need to mend your apron. It's ribbon is about to fall off."

"I will mom tonight after dinner" she called back to her mother.

Keri Ann knew her apron had seen better days. She was really hoping that she would be able to get a new one next time she went to town.

She grabbed her apron and put it on tying the ribbon around her waist. She tucked the apron under the ribbon and rolled the top over once to help secure the nearly torn off fabric. She opened the door and headed outside to do her chores.

Hunter came bouncing toward her with a ball in his mouth. Hunter was near a full grown dog. He still behaved like a puppy. Keri Ann took the ball and threw it as far as she could. She finished putting a pair of work jeans on the clothes line to dry. Hunter came running back tail wagging happily with his ball in his mouth.

"Not Now Hunter. I have to finish my chores. We can play when I get done." Hunter dropped the ball and sat down as if he was thinking about what she had just said. He then pawed at dresses edge playfully biting on the corner of her apron giving it a little tug. "Stop it Hunter, not now" Keri Ann pushed Hunter down and headed for the Chicken coop to gather the eggs.

She looked for the basket and realized she must have left it in the house the last time she got eggs.

"Oh Well," she gathered up the bottom corners of her apron and started looking for the eggs. There was one in the first nest and three in the next. The next two nests had two eggs and the last one only had one. Not too bad for one day she thought. She carefully placed each one in her apron and headed back toward the house.

Thankfully there was no sign of Hunter as she headed back to the house. She opened the door and went in.

"How many did we get this afternoon?" her mom asked

"Nine" Keri Ann replied. She held out the bottom of her apron to show her mom.

As she did the ribbon broke loose sending all the eggs smashing to the floor.


Just goes to show ya".. A stitch in time saves nine..


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