Feeling Out-of-sorts
Author: Shiloh


Once in a while you get a feeling
that things might not be just right inside,
and it makes you wonder just what could be happening
and whether or not you might be in trouble
and not really know it - just this feeling...
Like right now,
everything feels heavy,
sort of loggy a little bit,
although I can think all right
and my vision is ok -
I just feel like I want to take my time
with whatever I'm doing at the moment,
and at the moment I'm not really doing anything but writing.
Not even working at that - just letting it come out here.
Ache down the back of the upper left arm,
ache all around the full neck, like a turtle-neck collar,
and a slight ache at the back of the head
and going forward to around the ears,
and maybe just a touch of dizzy when I move my head,
and like in a movie, it feels over-emphasized when I move my head.
Something like a slight heaviness in the upper chest area,
like the cat (the big one) is laying on my chest as I lay in bed
(why do cats do that, anyway?)
along with a slight tightness in the front of the neck,
both sides and center,
as if I had a bad cold and it was bothering me in the jugular area,
and a steady and very impressive ear ache in the right ear
that certainly wasn't there just a short while ago.
Heck, even the muscles here and there feel like they don't want to work.
You know that feeling you get when something "goes to sleep"
and it tingles when it starts to get back to the way it's supposed to be --
well, I have that in the arms and chest, but it's like a cool breeze tingling,
and I have never felt that before,
except when I was a kid at the swimming hole
and had just come out of the water and a breeze was starting up.
I've taken all my meds like I'm supposed to,
so I don't think it's that...
Probably nothing, just a bunch of little things
all piled in on top of each other,
together with my age and the worries you collect with age,
but I thought maybe if I put it all down here,
then I could understand it better.

I don't.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Tarna ( -- Monday, April 21 2008, 02:08 pm

feeling loggy

That is a perfect term for that feeling. I felt that way all last week. We call it the Blue Flu. Luckily is passes like all things. Great read. Great write
Bipedalguy ( -- Monday, April 21 2008, 05:36 pm

"Very descriptive with candor"

This shows great self-analysis. Your technique in describing how you feel is excellent. I hope your symptoms pass quickly.
anonymous ( -- Tuesday, April 22 2008, 05:05 am

I understand

Hi Shiloh. I understand this, because you are discribing all those things I feel. We must be close to the same age. 60. It's old age and we can't stop it. Hey, something might help you. I had bad cramps from my foot to my groin, both legs. Hurt so bad, couldn't walk. Some woman while camping, came over and gave me two pills of MIDOL. By-God if that didn't work. Got me going again. You weman know something we don't. Need to share this secret with us men. Felt like a new man. Might help you too Shiloh. Nice poem. Thanks!
Terrye* ( -- Tuesday, April 22 2008, 11:03 pm

Shilo, i hope you are well--

this read makes a realistic point--when ever one feels NOT SO RIGHT---seek medical help--many times age has NO reflection on Health--
My husband was very young when he was experiencin' the out of sorts syndrome--
Shilo, i hope that today you are feelin' much better and i pray it was just a form of vapor in your veins exaltin' illness out--Take care,to the WORLD your ONE PERSON, to ONE PERSON you are their WORLD-and there are many ONE PERSONS here on dreamers--we want to have you around for a long lonnnng time--God Bless You!!
shiloh ( -- Wednesday, April 23 2008, 06:38 am

thanks for your comments...

hey, anony... midol works for lots of things - i've used it for migraines, sinus headaches, backaches, everything... of course, every 28 days my voice sorta changes...
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