A Call From The Past
23 June, 2008
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Sometimes at night when I am all alone
I think of you
I hear you call my name out loud
I think of you
I wonder why you are calling to me

The past is long gone with you in it
Why think of me
Why would you seek me now
Why think of me
I wonder what answer you expect of me

Are we both caught in a peaceful time
We think of us
Together remembering of a long lost moment
We think of us
I wonder if you hear my reply

------- Author's Notes -------

Sometimes the thoughts of the past are so vivid it causes you to look back to another time. Could it be at that moment you both crossed each other's minds?


Comments on this poem/writing:

shiloh ( -- Wednesday, June 25 2008, 02:15 am


perhaps there really is a parallel world around us, and in that place where we are at the moment we are also at the doorway to that other world, and in the moment before the doorway closes we really do hear the voice, or feel the breeze, or smell the perfume, or whatever it is that takes our attention from ourselves and gives us pause to wonder... to wonder... perhaps...
Terrye* ( -- Thursday, June 26 2008, 07:28 pm

Anythings Probable-

Becky ,this is outstandin'!
i also like Shiloh's comment...i know this has nothin' to do with the poem But...the closest i got to this ,was when an ex sister-in-law and i were dialin' one ringin' at either end..just the sound of dialin'...then a voice.did we feel one another's thoughts a distance away???i am sure others too have experienced this more than once...a coincidence? scary...
great write ,very creative..i like!
Meridian ( -- Friday, June 27 2008, 10:48 pm


Hey Lady R! Wow great poem Dreamer! A call from the past - sounds like a sudden call, a spirit. Two hearts from different locations simultaneously dreaming and reminiscing about one another. Deep poem.

Although I haven't written in months, I always come here to read and smile. This is the birthplace of up and coming poets of the century.
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