Rapping With Blake
4 August, 2008
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


He said one day he would save the world
and told me he was a poet
He recited his rap of rhyme
Not the usual rap you see
His was filled with lessons of life
Live in a way not found in song
but of good, "learn from my mistakes"

He told stories of those that had lived wrong
ending in being junkies, criminals laying in waste
He spoke in examples of how not to be.
He was speaking to the young, not in gangsta rap
But to those not listening it would sound the same
On and on the message was spilled
learn from examples of strife

I had to listen hard beneath his slurred speech
for his words were slightly masked by the drink
I focused hard to hear each one.
The words came much faster
then poetry I had ever heard
So many words from memory
His messages clear and concise

I felt honored for his performance meant only for me
such strength in the unending message
His views shared without hate, but with love
I was taken aback with chills on my arms
Amazed by the words of this poet
This man said one day his words would save the world
If others listened, as I did, they could.

------- Author's Notes -------

While sitting in a seafood bar I met a man in passing named Blake. When I told him I wrote poetry he told me he did too. I told him he should submit some to my site and he asked if I would like to hear one.. He preceded to turn off the radio that was blaring and started reciting his poetry in a rap fashion. I had never heard anything like it. It was wonderful.
Thank you Blake for your words. I hope one day your message is heard by the world. And it will be a better place for it...


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Terrye* ( -- Thursday, August 7 2008, 02:54 am


Beautifully written, i look forward to readin' Blake's Poetry, indeed it is so very true if one does not listen carefully with a naked ear to "Rap" one will feel alienated to understandin' the meanin' behind the words or in Rap the words behind the meanin'..excellent write Becky!
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