18 December, 2008
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


To perceive or not to perceive..
Sometimes things aren't what they seem
Perhaps feelings too involved
Perhaps perceptions misdirected,
purposely made or fueled for gain

Can a person perceive something wrong
duly for the fact that they don't like a person
If someone else said the same thing,
would it have been perceived differently?
Could it have been something,
never said by the accused. but by another.
Is it possible a perception was off?

Unfortunately people are judged by other's perceptions
A roll of the eyes, or a shake of the head;
a simple way of venting being taken personal
and judged as disrespect
Should one take a loss due to another's perceptions

If not of attacked by mis-perception
they would be able to communicate properly and clearly
Once a person is attacked
it is hard to recover.. to explain
not knowing they would need to defend

Could it be the perceiver's fear?
Or contempt for the person?
Or just disregard to feelings?
Perception can be flawed so easily

Should a person that needs to be on drugs for hormones or anxiety
be the person to stand true their perceptions of others
Should a person with no respect for the rules themselves
be able to base their perceptions as fact

Perceptions, like hearsay; emotionally charged
They are not truths perfect, un-flawed.
Perception can twist in any way they want
Instead said as a perceived fact

------- Author's Notes -------

"That is the way it was perceived"
is a dangerous statement
and should not be taken as truth


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