Homeward Bound
Author: Miztrebor


Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Crash!
“Why won’t that dripping stop?”
Drip. Drip. Crash! Drip. Drip. Crash!

“Damn it, why does there have to be a storm? And out of all the nights, it has to be this one!”

She is lying in her bed, alone, as she’s done every night since he left. The nights when sleep does happen to come, the sleep isn’t too great of a payoff for her. Those nights are filled with tossing and turning, screaming and fighting. Restless nightmares often cloud her mind, when sleep does happen to takeover. On this night, though, the sandman has not come to her.

The day had started out with a fine morning. The shining sun and a cool breeze gave a hint at what the next season had in store. This young woman had set out to enjoy this day.

Becky, with her stroller and child, took a walk to a nearby park. There in the shade of her favorite willow tree, she took out her favorite collection of poems from her bag. Aloud she read her favorite piece of work to her daughter:

"Turn Around"
The first light of morning
Gave much joy and Love.
The womb of my beloved,
On this day,
Brought forth a child.
A goddess, born of man and woman,
I hold here in my arms.

For what deed does this blessing come?
I am but merely a man, only me.
Out child, i hold, must be a sign,
My Epiphany.

Dear Epifiny, my child,
I hence forth shall work,
Work to deserve you.
I Love thee.

This selection was written just a few months ago. He had written it. The one she Loved the most in the world, the one that her daughter barely knows (he left too early on for that.) But he had to go, it was in his heart to stay, and his heart is what he left. But the rest of him left. There was way to avoid this terrible journey he was sent to endure.

She sees her daughter’s eyes, they remind her of the father’s own eyes. Her child is laughing at the strange sounds she hears from her mother as she reads. This is the end of the good part of her day. Tears stream down the too quickly aging young skin of the woman. And the child starts to cry, endless heart tearing screams of pain come out of the depths of the youth. The child seems to sense the loss of her father in her mother’s voice.

“When will my husband be back?” she asks herself, “They said it’d be a long time, but how much longer can we stand?”

But in her soul, deep in the depths of her heart in the place where feelings truly are felt, she knew. She knew that she’d wait till the end of time to see him again, if it meant that he’d return to her sight.

She knows true Love knows no time. It only knows the periods of time from when you first see that special person to the time when that person is not there, and it even continues more past that.

Becky decides it’s too much for her to be in this place for any longer. This was in fact the very tree where Becky and Luke had shared many a night watching the stars, many nights wondering when they’d be free from the world. They spent many nights wondering when they’d be together up there in the heavens. But now that’s all gone. No more nights together, no more stars, no more anything….only the Love they share is there. That will always be there.

Becky reaches the house. By this time, because Becky was too upset to even walk the same streets they used to, it is late in the day. She had taken the long way around town. She gets inside, and feeds Epifiny, then puts her to bed. The Becky goes to bed she lays there in the darkness and sobs to a dreary sleep. A sleep that isn’t really sleep, but isn’t really being awake. Insomnia is often like that. You’re stuck in between two states of consciousness where dreams aren’t the real world, or they are much more real than we’d like them to be?

The storm approaches and tears at her heart. The tears or the rain fall. In her mind they are the same, she is one with the storm, but hates the very thought of it being so. It tears and tears, until she screams out his name.


Just then the door rushes open with a flood of sea water. It rushes in with a wave crashing against everything in its path. And on this wall of water stands a man, shining brightly in the moonlight that he has brought with him.

“Becky, I am back. Did you miss me?”

------- Author's Notes -------

This is a story i wrote for my short story class a few semesters ago. Reread it recently, then realized that i never threw it up on the site. This is the first real short story i had ever written.


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