The 10 Rules To Live By
14 May, 2011
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


1. Things, are not important. It is what is in the human heart that is important

2. Don't bow down to things that are of no substance. Follow and be true only to the truth

3. Don't use harsh words. Foul language does not make you a better person or make you seem more important. It lessens you in the eyes of importance.

4. Take a day for rest and revitalization. Don't work your life away. Take a day to sit back, enjoy and be thankful for what life has to offer you.

5. Pay attention to your elders. They have already lived, and their wisdom is priceless. They have much to teach and you to learn.

6. Don't murder

7. Don't be unfaithful to those you love.

8. Don't Steal

9. Don't lie

10. Do not be jealous of those that 'appear' to have more than you..

------- Author's Notes -------

Taking the 10 Commandments out of Schools and public buildings is like taking the poetry out of literature.

This is my answer to removing the commandments that seem to have offended so many for some reason.. No one can argue that these are good rules to live by..


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meridian ( -- Sunday, May 29 2011, 07:24 am

I was thinking the same thing

Before I read your Author's Notes, 6-9 reminded me of the ten commandments. Great 10 rules. Being obedient to authority, being respectful to all, loving all, etc. I'm striving to do all three of these and more.
Becky ( -- Sunday, May 29 2011, 04:21 pm


Though it felt strange doing a rewrite of something so perfectly written already, I have thought about it so many times when the various groups demanded the removal of The Ten Commandments from public buildings.. Why? Would they have wanted it removed had it been written by Shakespeare. SO with a simple rewrite so not to offend, His rules to live by still work.. Even in this confused world we live in.
Meri ( -- Sunday, May 29 2011, 08:23 pm

I can't see how

The 10 commandments are offensive. That's something. It is what it is right? What I love about them, is that they are not only biblical but moral and sensible rules to live by.
Becky ( -- Sunday, May 29 2011, 08:28 pm


That is what they say.. I don't know how anyone can be offended by them except for the one that says you will have no God before me. I guess I could see how another religion might have trouble with that one. But to rule out the meaning of a code of decency, which is what it really is, is just wrong.. And part of what is wrong with the world today IMHO.
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