The Price Of Leadership
Author: Meridian Zuriel


He ainít black enough
He ainít white enough
He ainít hard enough
He ainít soft enough
He should do this
He should do that
He should, he should
I wish he would
Itís always he, he, he
Please show some mercy
Leadership is hard
No matter if youíre
A Bishop, a President or a CEO
Leadership ainít a piece of cake
Havenít been there
But I can almost say I know
What leadership entails
Through observation
You got to put up with lies and attitudes
People cursing you out and being rude
And not taking in sound advice
Leadership seems to
Come with a heavy price
You got rams and bulls
Bucking against the leader
Knowing the moral thing to do
Knowing the right thing to do
But refusing to do what is true
Always feeling offended
Always feeling attacked
Thatís what messages and meetings are for
To get you and I on track
If itís something in the honor code
That you and I lack
Letís not smile in the leaderís face
And then stab him in the back
Whoever he is, whoever he may be
It could be a she
She may be the leader of a company
But it seems subordinates
And the flock are never satisfied
Got a leader doing the best they can
To preach, to teach, to lead
And you still got electron folks
Refusing to take heed
Doing what they want to do
Not caring about protocol
Talking as if they can do it better
Meanwhile the leader
Is doing all he can to hold it together

Do you realize
You and I can hurt the leader
Thatís why and itís sad to say
To put trust in anyone is hard today
Unless you know without a shadow of a doubt
That that person lives
What theyíre talking about
Leadership, I can only imagine
Involves pressure
Dealing with nonsense and jealousy
Dealing with people who you think got your back
But the only thing they got for your back
Is a knife
Sometimes happiness is hard to come by in life
Especially when youíre a good leader
Looking out for the goodwill of all
Still you got to deal with a load
Heavier than a load of clothes ready for the washing machine
I look at a bunch of leaders who kill nonsense
With kindness
And sometimes thatís all you can do
Knowing that God will fight your battle
And will see you through

Nevertheless I love to see a leader
Take a stand
Despite those who wonít
Give him a hand
To help him when help is necessary
I love that kind of leader
Who fights through the pressure
Who continues to do
What heís supposed to
What heís assigned to do
Been called to do
Not caring of approval from me or you
Especially when that leader
Has love and isnít biased
Is just about truth and truth alone
Talking through
The judging and casting of stones

I remember you while you live
For taking a stand
For being a brave and good man
Iíll remember you while youíre alive
And love you while youíre alive
Thanking you for your leadership
Not forgetting your drive
To see that the needs of the people were met
I want to appreciate what I have while itís here
Not when itís gone
To say thank you while youíre able to see
How much you mean to me
For showing good direction
Being a reliable person
Charismatic in all your ways
May you have
Fruitful and abundant days
If I can make it
Then you can too
Be encouraged
Donít feel blue
Itís just a shame
What weíve got to deal with in this life
The people and the many hats that they wear
But I just want to say
If I hadnít said so already
Youíre doing a great job
Continue to persevere
Whether your breakthrough is far or near
You may have to cry
But donít let them see your tears
Godís got your back
And quite a few of us too
No matter what
Know that there are those
Genuinely love you


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