A Gentleman
Author: Meridian Zuriel


Holds the door open for a lady
Doesnít harass but has class
Helps the lady when she falls
Instead of watching and not moving
Gives more compliments than criticism
Respects a lady, is courteous to a lady
Is honest and not shady
Treats a lady right,
Not putting her in harmís way
Has something sweet to say
Cools his anger, doesnít insult
Controls his hands
Listens, helps and understands
Communicates and doesnít hate
A lady
Especially if the lady is nice
Hadnít done nothing to him
To make him hate her, dislike her
Even if he doesnít know her
He doesnít try to kill her
He doesnít try to steal her
He secures and protects
He doesnít neglect
His duty as a gentleman
He has love in his heart
For a lady
Not just one
But all ladies
And that lady
That comes across a true gentleman
Realize it quick and appreciate
That gentleman that doesnít hesitate
To show those qualities of a gentleman
Youíll know who he is if you see him
Donít stereotype all men to be the same
The actions of one man
Doesnít represent every man
Just like one person of an ethnic group
Doesnít represent the ethnic group as a whole
Donít categorize and not consider
The possibility of that good soul
If you see a lot of bad apples on trees
Then that doesnít mean all
The apple trees of the world are rotten
I believe gentlemen exist
And that they shouldnít be forgotten
Just because you donít see them
Doesnít mean that they arenít out there

Donít despair
You really got those who care
So itís only fair
To open the mind a little
Because some are not that far
A gentleman can be a friend
Doesnít have to be anything more
And as long as heís a gentleman
Then what more
Could a lady ask for


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, July 6 2011, 06:10 am


Hi Miss Mer,
This deserves a Two Thumbs up!!

Love & Light, Terrie
Meri ( -- Wednesday, July 6 2011, 02:27 pm

Thanks Terrie

Glad you liked it Lady T.
barb ( -- Tuesday, July 19 2011, 02:33 pm

very true and written so fine

I want one where do I sign up for one?
Meri ( -- Wednesday, July 20 2011, 06:20 pm


Hey Barb. Thank you. You've probably come across some in your lifetime. If you haven't, you will. Everytime I see a man hold the door open, help or that's just plain nice, I smile.

Being open-minded is good. Technology and personal encounters can make anyone be narrow-minded, unless they allow themselves to think outside the box and not cluster one group of individuals to be the same.
Meri ( -- Wednesday, July 20 2011, 06:21 pm


You're funny Barb.
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