Sign Language
Author: Meridian Zuriel


Hands on head = embarrassment, regret
Smile/laugh/grin = happiness, hilarity
Two fingers = peace
Arms crossed/ Balled fist across chest = love
Hands straight in the air:
- with eyes closed and genuine smile = happiness, joy, fun
Fist up, facing away from the body = power
Fingers on head, eyes open/closed = thinking
Eyes down:
= thinking, reflection, sadness, regret, disappointment, torment
Eye contact:
- With fire in them = confrontation, anger, ferocity
- With longing in them = earnest, to long for, want, hope, wish for
Frown = upset, depressed
Dull expression = boredom, disinterest
Half-conscious expression (has more than one expression):
= sleepiness/drowsiness, feeling sick
Hands outstretched = welcoming, forgiveness, acceptance
Hands clasped together = prayer, pining for
Eyes staring off into space = dreaming
Finger over lips = silence
Happy-go-lucky expression = could care less, whatever
Finger-pointing-at-camera/ away-from-camera pose
= cool, calm, collected, making a speech
Eyes closed, fist close to mouth, which is open =
Right hand slanted away from forehead/ hand over heart = patriotism
Arm toward body with bawled fist = elation, happiness
Crazy pose = individuality, creativity, going against the thread of a quilt
Or the grain of wood
Head down with eyes peering underneath glasses = what?!,
Finger snapping pose = dance
One fist up, the other slightly below = running, determination
Hand over stomach = aching, queasy, hungry for chance, for privilege
Head tilted back as hand forms an O to the mouth = thirsty,
Thirsty for success, training, experience, wisdom, education
Dainty pose in mirror = loving self for self
Hands shaking in the air, eyes looking up = praise, worship
Finger pointing to the sky, eyes looking up = itís all about GOD

------- Author's Notes -------

Sometimes sign language is the best kind of language. Sometimes you donít have to say nothing. Sometimes sign language is good, especially when you donít want to hear nothing either. Creatively speaking, miming ainít that bad and thereís more where that came from. I love SL and the best part is, it doesnít have to be by the book. SL is what you make it.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Tarna ( -- Monday, July 18 2011, 02:47 pm

I Bet ....

I bet you could almost envision people trying out these signs as they read the poem as I did.

looking at the screen with a smile = enjoyment
anonymous ( -- Monday, July 18 2011, 05:40 pm


Don't know how to talk to a man who just moved in across the street? Can't talk, leaves for work at 3:30 back by 7. Makes a sound ugh, walks with a green parrot on his shoulder. All I can do is wave. I don't even know his name? I just call him "The birdman." He lives alone, but has friends that visit & can't talk either, except with hands. I really have a quiet neighbor Meri. How do I find out his name with my hands?
Meri ( -- Monday, July 18 2011, 06:08 pm


When in doubt, talk.
Meri ( -- Monday, July 18 2011, 06:10 pm

Thanks Tarna

Sometimes when I have a thought, it won't leave me alone til I submit it. Was doing poses til I wrote 'em out.
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