The Obamanation
10 June, 2012
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Who are they that speak a fallacy, then twist it and call it truth
Who are they to govern, when they cannot regulate themselves
Who are they that make the laws, the same ones they fail to follow
Who are they to expect me stand with them, when they're not above reproach

Who are they to make judgement on us, when they themselves are wrong
Who are they to preach freedom, as each day they take more of ours away
Who are they to say our country is great, when they are running it into the ground
Who are they to set up our children to fail, saying the rules don't apply to everyone

Who are they to say it is good for me, as they have never been in my shoes
Who are they to say I need to give more, when they offer nothing of their own
Who are they to speak of rights, as they stomp on those from our own Constitution
Who are they to tell me what to believe, when what they choose to believe in, is a lie

Tell me..

Who are they with no respect, for those of us who make ends meet
Who are they that look down on us, and play us as a game of pawns
Who are they to take even more, from those of us that choose to work
Who are they, I'll tell you who, just a bunch of hypocritical, political, shirk


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Udiah ( -- Monday, June 11 2012, 12:15 pm

You've Got It

At this very moment, rear end has both sides. Keep going! Remember, expose them for the idiots they are, but don't uproot them, there's still wheat planted so close, and it still has yet to be illuminated by the True Light and watered by the pure Truth, to reach final fruition. And that is His goal and ours.
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