Governmental Notice
20 August, 2012
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Be gone the free thinkers, because they are a danger to the government.
They call from the darkness bringing light to those that cannot see.
Returning to man a place to dream. A dream of something better than anarchy
yet free of the tyranny that threatens each and every one of us the greed

They are the threat to civilization, for without utilization of the rules of conduct
man would not know how to act. Survival of the fittest would be no longer contrary
Man would be forced to again evolve into learning and discovering for themselves
the rights and wrongs and responsibilities for their own undoings

Take away the dreaming ways so that those that are left, be the lambs to the slaughter
following blindly like the lemings jumping one by one to the death that awaits them
We cannot allow their dreams to become our reality
We must silence their voices

For those that think freely will be the change to what is now
They will be the ones that change the rules
They will be the ones that can lead a revolt
They are a danger to us all

So quash them we will. Single them out and ruin them
We will take their words from our schools
If our children cannot spell nor read
they cannot be moved with their words
Take away their signatures and they cannot sign
with personal flare and uniqueness.

We will ostracize those that are tempted to stand alone
Make them convert to our ways. Force them to follow our rules
so they too will be as we want..
Dead and dieing without hope of change for the better
For only then can we rule without retort
For we are the Government and we alone know what's best

------- Author's Notes -------

I watched a youtube excerpt from the Dead Poet Society.. The thoughts provoked me to write this...
Some times it seems like poems can write themselves they just need a pen..


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