Values In Paralysis
4 March, 2014
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I dreamed of a place where one was free to speak
A place where like minds would meet
I dreamed of speaking without judgment
I dreamed of learning and helping others
I dreamed of making friends

But all things change
Not always for the good
Not always for the bad
And as with all change, comes loss

A home I found where I was free to be myself
to share ideas and feel valuable
A place where I could make a difference
Where debate was functional
and brainstorming led to a better way

Now I feel we are silenced
Once again unable to speak our minds
Where our thoughts will be affronted
by those that feel self-rightous
Left to a place where we can make little difference

I felt valuable, that's my fault
I felt needed, that too was just me
I felt important, maybe I was selfish
Maybe like a dream it was all an illusion

But it was fun while it lasted
Friends were met and ideas shared
Now back into the background I will fade
Just an unheard voice in the multitude of shadows
By a group that thinks it knows what best for me

Maybe this is the "new way"
Individuals no longer matter
What's best for everyone, is decided for them
Forced to follow, led by the crowd
Made to accept what is dealt, without opinion

As the door closes on this place I valued
I realize that change is inevitable
I am a relic of a time
A time where people cared what others thought
A time when others helped each other
A time of growth where thoughts were valued

I'd love to say it doesn't matter
After all its just the website forum
I am just one person
My thoughts aren't that valuable
I will move forward as I am guided
But I can not say it doesn't matter

To me it does

------- Author's Notes -------

A part of a forum I belong to is closing down. To say the least I was a bit disappointed. So I wrote this


Comments on this poem/writing:

barb ( -- Thursday, March 27 2014, 03:46 pm

so nice and don't ever leave

you may only be one person but you have made thousands happy thanks.
Dreamer ( -- Friday, March 28 2014, 03:22 am


Thank-you for that.. I needed to hear it today ;)... Don't worry I am not going anywhere..
Meri ( -- Saturday, March 29 2014, 05:38 am


Dreamer, you've definitely made a dream a reality. Thank you for sharing your accomplishments with me.

This site will always be home, whether I'm reading or writing. I just can't stay away.

P.S. Thanks for putting up with me.
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