1 December, 2016
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I cringe at the mess that has become our world
not of the wildfires and hurricanes
but the breeding and teaching of ignorance

People used to be informed with truths.
Taught the history of how things were
so that it would not happen again

People used to go to college to be educated
We were not taught to be afraid and follow
like sheep, to an understanding not of our own

We were taught to think for ourselves
To listen to both sides of a story
To write both sides of a story

But somewhere it went wrong
Perhaps in an 'Everybody Wins' society
we have began breeding out true intelligence

Thinking outside the box has become substandard
What the book says, is the only way it can be
But we don't live in a text book society

The writers of truth have been replaced
By one sided, high paid, creative writers
That don't even check their facts

Rational common sense is now in danger of going extinct
As our children play video games and never go outside and live
They are bored and scared of no entertainment

Yes, our world is now a scary place
As the sheep graze over their screens
And the wolves move in for their kill

They flock to have free, but not to be free
They feel entitled to start at the top
But sheep cannot lead a pack of wolves

It's a shame they were not taught
Of Socialism, Marxism, and Communism
nor of the men who fought to keep it at bay

In their closed in worlds of 'I want'
the harsh world of realities stands
as they set themselves up for the slaughter

Yes, I cringe at the mess that has become our world
What we have allowed it's children to become
a people who think that bondage IS free


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HANK ( -- Thursday, December 1 2016, 06:09 am


you are so right - this is a world on a downhill slide, and as Pogo once said to his friend, we have met the enemy and he is us.
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