When Greed Set In
19 March, 2017
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


There was once a place where all lived together
there was shareing
people helped one another
brother helped bother
sister helped sister
living together in communities
only fear was from others when their greed set in

They needed a place to call their own
a place to be free to be where they wanted
to live free of tyranny and fear
to build a life for themselves
to worship a God and build a bit of space
to have for themselves and their families
-then greed set in

They came together in peace
to worship and be thankful
together they built a place
so they could shelter from the elements
while they worshiped, in a church they called it
so the preacher could tell them of the a better place
-then greed set in

A government was set in place for the people
to keep them safe and protect them from a far off land
to help them prosper and keep their land grand
they elected the best to preserve, in trust,
what they had designed their new land to be
-and greed set in

People thrived and wanted more for themselves
they worked hard. They labored to create
ranches and farms were everywhere,
people became rich and still wanted more
factories to build, slaves to labor
cities to maintain
-yes, greed had set in

Now they sit back tired and stressed
dis-eases run rampant of mind and spirit
wondering where they went wrong
the rich are richer than ever before
the poor, crying louder are gaining
-greed has fully set in

The working are tired of doing
with bosses still wanting more
the land is used up, as prices soar,
People sit back crying peace, save the planet
yet do nothing but make more rules
for the working class. who can no longer afford to live
can't anyone see...
-It's the greed that set in..

------- Author's Notes -------

We 'all' need to realize we have to do our part and quit feeling entitled. This world will never get better if we do not realize our own greed and deal with it.


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Meri ( -- Monday, March 27 2017, 06:19 am

Hey Dreamer

Great poem. Too bad there's not enough unity and compassion out here. If there was, just maybe positive changes could be made.
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