Technological Failings
16 August, 2018
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


A thought cried out in the night
"You are Alone!!"
Alone in the day, alone in your plight
and will be alone in death...

I couldn't silence it's crying
Sitting in the quietness of my bed
The phone didn't ring
The text message never came

I had to wonder, were my friends in my head?
I had thought they were in my heart
Yet, where were they now
In my moment of need

The pain was barely tolerable
But the emotions hurt even more
Realization of a thought never felt before
I pushed away the tears streaming down my face

Thank goodness I am better now
But with emotions, still in unrest
Disbelief in what was an illusion of truth
No voice of caring, No love expressed

I couldn't force a feeling
Upon another human being
Disappointed in those most close
Because of pain, most unforgiving

I looked back in to my log files
Of technology gone awry
Logs showed incoming calls and messages
and I had to wonder, "but why?"

The phone had done no ringing
The texts, no buzzers or bells
Yet here in proof of time stamps
Were the touches of those I loved

The unhappiness was un-needed
My emotional discomfort now identified
False confidence in technology
Let the worst of loneliness be amplified

So in my hours of most need
It was technology that let me down
Making me feel my friends were lack
And doubt that love was even around

The thought that had cried out in the night
Now silenced in my head
Never alone.... NE-VER alone
Is what I should have thought instead

------- Author's Notes -------

A fight with a Kidney Stone left me a bit taken aback. I was laid up for a week after surgery. In more constant pain than I felt before.

Thanks to the mobile phone service in our area not working at the same time, in my pain I was left to believe my friends weren't caring enough to check up on me.. Suddenly a week later all the texts and log files caught up somehow and suddenly I was able to see message and phone calls had been coming in all week.. I just was not getting them... Grrrr. Thanks AT&T.. It made for a pretty miserable recovery.. Way more miserable than it needed to be...


Comments on this poem/writing:

mental ( -- Thursday, August 16 2018, 04:56 pm

to becky

Ah! technology. Remember the good ole days when you could get on a landline and call. or visit a person. also I have the same problem with T-Mobile I could text somebody and an hour later they receive it. oh well that's life now. anyway good write, it gives a prospective on how technology can make you feel worse . thanks.
Meri ( -- Thursday, August 23 2018, 12:14 am

tell me about it

technology will always have its limits, no matter how many features or what it brags on the box.

You have At&t too? Welcome.
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