A Day Of Life
4 September, 2018
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


It's the beginning of his day.

A man is standing in front of the mirror studying his face with a frothy white toothbrush in his mouth as he begins his day.

He runs his hand thru what he is noticing as a slightly upheaval-ed hair style.

Realizing it is going to take a bit more than a smooth of the hand to get it under control,
toothbrush still in mouth, he reaches for the near by brush

Yep, that is just what it needed.

Spitting his last mouthful of toothpaste, he washes the last of it away with a quick sip of water and rinses the sink.

Scrunching up his nose slightly and baring his teeth in a growl position he studies the shiny-ness of his freshly cleaned teeth in the mirror.

He reaches for the light switch, as he turns to leave. Once again doing a quick smoothing over his hair with his hand.

He grabs a pair of pants and a sweater off a chair where he left them the day before, gives them a quick sniff, and puts them on.

Thinking briefly, I bet a woman wishes she could pick clothes so quickly, amused slightly with his self he smirks and goes downstairs to the kitchen to start his pot of his morning caffeine fix.

He glances over yesterdays junk mail.

Filling the his favorite cup he snaps the lid in place. Pulling his his jacket from the back of his chair he goes toward the door to start his day.

He takes a breath of the still moist morning air.

Bit damp but at least it is not raining he thinks to himself.

He is glad that his choice of clothes seem to fit the crisp morning weather.

He takes a small sip from his cup, carefully testing the temperature of his coffee. Ah, perfect temp.

Beginning to cross the road he feels the slight vibration of the cell phone in his pocket and decides to go ahead and start the cell phone daily games.

Lets see... who is texting me this early?

He flips open the top of his cell phone as he walks towards the other side of the street..


It's now the end of his day

------- Author's Notes -------

‎This was originally written November ‎08, ‎2008. I found it when cleaning up my computer.


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