The Thief
5 March, 2019
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I wonder what goes through a persons thoughts
moments before they steal from a friend

Do they think they have a right
Do they feel you undeserving
Do they think of what it means
Do they not think at all

Do they laugh as they walk away
Having stabbed you in they back
Do they think you will not care
You will not notice, and won't feel

Do they think because they are not items
of consequence to life, they won't be missed
Or is it a game to see how long it will be
till their folly will untwist

I cannot tell you what they think
Because I am not like that
To steal from a friend is like a "Judas kiss"
Burns the soul and kills them within

I do know how it feels to be the victim of this
disappointed, saddened, betrayed
My heart hurts that someone feels me unworthy
to have the things I bought, that I earned, and was given

I feel sad that you don't know me at all
that I would have willingly given you what was stole
After all, as a friend...
I had already given you my heart.

I hope that Karma will not be too cruel
that when you look at your reflection you know, you are what you do
Though your identity from me will probably stay concealed
I hope what is in your heart that is broken, will be healed


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meri ( -- Wednesday, March 6 2019, 12:48 am

All I can say is

Wow. Sorry to hear about this happening to you. Very powerful poem.

Praying for you. Be comforted.
mental ( -- Thursday, March 7 2019, 06:54 am

To dreamer

That is some messed up stuff,some friend.
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