Author: Shiloh


Groups of letters arranged so they spell out words....
Sounds emitted by forcing air through the vocal cords and words are sounds that exit through the mouth.


They are also weapons, used by those who feel a need to feel superior or overpowering or just obnoxiously overbearing.

There are so many words that others feel they have to - no... strike that - they feel they MUST react to because they "harken back to days of slavery," or they "verbally put down a group of people, and it is up to the one flagging the word or words to correct the situation and cause the one who "erred" to be put in their proper place via shaming and or other means, which is often delightfully seen by the shamer as the person being fired or otherwise castigated by his or her employer, as the employer is a mindless, spineless wuss who would rather bow to the inane demands of what seems to pass for society these days, than to stand behind and for the unfortunate employee who may have erred in his or her choice of words, and is thereby being berated by the media and by his employer and by oh, so very many other self-righteous asses who think they are so very superior to everyone else.

WORDS!, people. Just words. Words - remember the grade-school jingle - "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"? WORDS are not something to go to war over or cause someone else harm by malicious intent.

If someone says something that "offends" you, you poor, poor, precious and delicate little thing, then pull up your big boy or big girl pants and go one about your life.

My God, but your actions about someone using words are about as sensible as those idiots who go around tearing down statues and rioting because they are "upset."

Just read where a reporter lost his job because he used the word "colored" in reference to Ms Harris - a word that the NAACP also uses 24/7, but they don't seem to have a problem with the word - hell - it's in their logo.

Well, Ms Harris IS, by the original intent of the term, colored, as well as being part Negroid, and whie I think the word colored is as descriptive as the word white, and both words are stupid to use at all, it is still used and understood and is not necessarily something to be considered derogatory.

Those who choose to see it otherwise are (here are some words for you)... Assholes, narrow-minded assholes, dickheads, narrow-minded dickheads, and people of questionable lineage, whom I pray never move into my world in any way, shape or form.

People who get their panties in a wad because of words have no other purose in life than to serve as a bad example, and to be assholes. Narrow-minded assholes.


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