Spirit Flow
7 September, 2020
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I feel the flow of the energy
The spirit guiding me
I feel the stresses that surround me
as I go about my way

The emotions roll like the hillsides
unending and peaceful
I know who I am and what I am for
I know my journey

We cannot force the journey
but only follow the paths before us
Allowing the joys and sorrows
allowing the 'what is'

We grow in the knowing
We grow in the learning
gaining strength in who we are
For now my mind rests...

I have protected my heart
so much I had closed off the love
Not allowing the energy it brings
I stopped my journey

But I must allow it to begin again
to allow myself to feel
to allow the tears
for emotions are who we are

So gentle I must be
Allowing my self healing
Allowing the spirit to move me
For this is my new beginning

I will now relish things that move me
I will enjoy the here and now
Not allowing what was or could be
to take the joy of 'now'

I feel I am at a crossroads
but the choice is not really mine
For my journey was decided long before me
in my heart and mind it resides

So in peaceful contemplation
and healing from within
I will follow the spirit that guides me
So my journey can once again begin

A journey not for others
but for me alone
A place only I can go
A place found within

For this is where my 'self' resides
the being I was meant to be
the shine that speaks within me
in my heart and in my mind

On this journey I will follow
I will meet so many souls
I will not stay with them forever
They are not mine to control

Perhaps I will lend a guiding hand
a word of comfort or inner glow
Maybe if I just listen
It will help the spirits grow

Along this tree filled path I follow
intermingling, rooting flow
the energy surrounds me
but it might not always show

I will breath in the nature
I will sing the songs I feel
I will touch the souls along the way
I will continue the spirits flow

------- Author's Notes -------

Sometimes from meditation, poetry is born


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