The Lie
1 February, 2021
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


If you say it loud enough
If you say it repeatedly
It still doesn't make it true
It doesn't make it real

'Look at this hand
Don't give them time to look at the other'
Oh it's true, but not on the hand showing
It's in their own back pocket

Look at Parlor while Facebook and Twitter are guilty
'Look at Russian collusion
While we plan to move the Chinese in'
Look at the lies, as the truths are covered

It's not a new game,
Magicians have been doing it for years
Same game, different players
If you pay close attention, you will see

Gaslighting at it's best
Blaming the peaceful
When it is them, that riot
Look for the men behind the curtain

They blame the rich, but not themselves
'The upper class is holding the little guy back'
Do they not realize, we can see their own richness
Not the sugar coated lies.

'Make the people mad enough
They will no longer watch
Then we can do what we want'
How stupid do they really think the majority is?

The biggest lie,
they believe they are smarter than us!

------- Author's Notes -------

Sorry if this offends you... If it does.. Turn the page.


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