Tough Girls
19 February, 1986
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


On the outside we seem rough
We make our selves seem unpenetrable
But inside we are weak and scared
Not of others that are around us......
But of ourselves.
For we fall over and over again, in our own eyes
Making the same stupid mistakes
Time after time we grasp on to something...
That was nothing
Hurting ourselves so much in the process
Why do we do it?

We all have had bad pasts
So many good things come and go making us hard
But we reach out and try to make a good thing last
(Or ar we reaching back)
We fall hard and fast for the good things
For there are so few
Instead of holding on to the memory
We try try to capture it
And for a short moment it is ours
Only to slip away again from whence it came
It makes our rough a little bit rougher
And our hearts a little less penetrable
And we put on our airs of strength and power
And we go on.

------- Author's Notes -------

Sometimes what we see on the outside is the shadow of the inside. Maybe we are all like the tough girls hiding within ourselves and reaching for the unobtainable, because it is exciting. As we go through our daily lives and meet the hurtful people do we pause to take a deeper look at the hidden being. The one that is in pain. Or do we just build our walls higher, making us more unpenetrable to save ourselves from pain. But are we really or are we just closing out the real true love of life, and causing our own pain. hmmmmm makes you wonder


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meri ( -- Thursday, September 29 2011, 09:28 pm

yes it does

make you wonder. Sometimes it's hard for me to hide how I'm feeling. All you've got to do is look at my eyes.

Other times, I do mask what's on the inside and let my guard down when I get home. Hehe.

Another good one Dreamer.
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