19 February, 1997
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Poundings in the distance
match the beat of my heart
fury like few have seen
tearing me apart.

Angry screams of hate
lowers my self control
farther back echos
of memories way back she tows

I care, yet I don't feel anymore
I hurt, yet there is no pain
a thankless life I lead
abuses of yesterday and today

To have yet one peaceful day
without a tortured cry
without out the fire felt venom
spit from the dragons lair

I'd cry out myself in pain
yet no one hears my despair
no one sees my en-pained core
no one understands my pounding heart

And as the heart beats start to slow
a short break in the thunders roar
I breath a deep breath of peacefulness
And pray for her tortured soul.

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Comments on this poem/writing:

Meri ( -- Thursday, September 29 2011, 09:02 pm


Never would've thought you had Author's Notes that read that. Let it out Dreamer.

Hold the anger in too long and it'll destroy you. And by you, I mean in general.

Wonderful read.
Dreamer ( -- Friday, September 30 2011, 12:11 am

Everyone needs...

Everyone needs to vent sometimes... A good scream never hurt anyone.. Might have even saved some... lol. Thanks for reading..
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