The Center Of The Universe
Author: Mark Spencer


From within my temple
I journey with my eyes.
Across the mighty seas,
Into the cloudless skies.

With my mind and senses,
space and time I traverse.
My temple is the center
of the universe.

Itís through my perception,
That things come into view.
My senses draw them in,
My mind makes them true.

When I was very young,
That was how I thought.
It was for my benefit,
That everything was wrought.

This was how I acted,
Like I could do no wrong.
If you didnít like it,
Iíd usher you along.

Then one day I realized
How foolish I had been.
I just looked around me,
At the women and men.

They were acting as I had,
To varying degrees.
Like some strange epidemic,
But this was no disease.

For this is self inflicted,
As it had been with me.
They think just of themselves,
Others, they cannot see.

How was the human race,
So burdened by the curse,
Of five billion centers
Of the universe?


Comments on this poem/writing:

LinzAy ( -- Tuesday, March 11 2003, 10:35 pm


Awesome poem.....put together well!
Lori Ann Day ( -- Tuesday, March 11 2003, 10:59 pm

no title

If we allow God to live within us, we will truly see through the eyes of the center of the universe.
Mark Spencer ( -- Tuesday, March 11 2003, 11:02 pm

Center Of The Universe Quiz

Have you ever....
1. Lied about someone else (Ex-boyfriend/husband or ex-girlfriend/wife) to make them look bad and you look good?

2. Walked past a homeless person trying not to make eye contact thinking, he did it to himself, why should I have to help?

3. Been paid for doing a favor for a friend, and then gotten upset when your friend wanting to be paid to do you a favor?

4. Passed the tithe tray on without contributing a dime, even when you had plenty of money in your pocket.

5. Cut somebody off on the road and cursed at them when they got upset by it?

6. Spent an entire conversation talking about yourself and your problems without learning a thing about the person you're talking with?

7. Told someone they were a sinner and were going to go to hell?

8. Used racial of ethnic slurs when referring to people of other races, creeds or colors?

9. Thought that you were right and, even when it was proven that you were wrong, would not admit your errors?

10. Had a problem that you find yourself telling everyone about over and over again, until it becomes the first thing discussed in every conversation?

These were all things I was guilty of. One can tell the degree of their own center by the number of yes answers they have.

Mark Spencer ( -- Tuesday, March 11 2003, 11:41 pm

Oh! I forgot.

Do you feel resentment toward God when you are reminded that you will be judged on your conduct in this life? And do you feel that no one, not even some GOD has the right to judge you?

Another of my former trespasses.

LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, March 12 2003, 09:07 am


Surprisingly all my answers were no...except for #2---but it was bc i usually dont have money on me....cuz im a broke lil white girl...hehe But #1...i've never done that to anyone and wont bc it's been done to me and hurt.....#6...i hate talkin about myself...#5..dont drive yet..will be by tomorrow..yay!......#8 dont believe in racism......#10 o hey! another bad!...but that was only because it was something so serious that i needed help with...And i believe that it's not right for other people to judge other people as quick as we tend to..but for God to, doesnt bother me a bit.....he has a right to judge his creation........:)
Mark Spencer ( -- Friday, March 14 2003, 01:51 pm

Two out of eleven ain't bad.

Pretty good LinzAy. Everyone has a little of that Center Of The Universe perspective. We are contained within a body that draws things in. Sights, sounds, scents, tastes as well as the ability to feel our environment through touch. Everything we perceive is drawn in through our five senses. I cannot literally see through your eyes. I can however, imagine what that would be like. Though it would be from a perspective that fit my perceptions. Throughout my entire life, creation has been and always will be subject to my ability to perceive it. So in the sense that all things within the scope of my five senses are being drawn into me by those senses, I am the center of the universe. At least the center of my universe. As are you yours. We are all centers of our own universes. It isn't until we start to believe that our perspective is the only perspective, and we are the only one who matters, that it becomes a problem. A certain British Royal is a prime example of that way of thinking. He believes that he and his kind are somehow better than ordinary people like you or I. He once stated that after he died he would like to come back as a deadly virus and wipe out the human race. He can't stand the idea that such as we might continue on after his loftiness was laid to rest. He stands at the center of the universe and points his accusing fingers at the rest of creation, as if he were perfect and without blemish. Worst case scenario. Not even Hitler wanted to wipe out the entire human race. For me, I have found that instead of drawing others into my universe, I can allow myself to be drawn into theirs. I endeavor to serve their needs. That is not to say that I neglect my own needs, I do not. It simply means, I try to appreciate their needs as much as my own. In other words, I put myself in their shoes. In that way, I have learned to conceder the ramifications of my actions, before I act. Damn I'm a long winded bastard! I guess I still have to work on number 6! Anyway, bottom line, you will always be the center of your universe. If you remember that everyone is the center of their own as well, you'll be fine. It's when others become insignificant that we start to believe the we are the center of THE universe.

MartinV ( -- Friday, March 14 2003, 03:51 pm

I probably, have lived too long or not at all, til now..

I could add a few to that list, havn't done the best with my life that I could have. I'm more aware of myself now, than I have been and I'm pretty busy working on my "correction platform." I learning a lot about such things as "forgiving those who transgress and against us and to be honest with others in my daily life."

Thanks Mark,
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