Author: Seizure


Shh, do you hear that? they're calling my name
They're trying to tell me that I am to blame
For all of my pain, for all of my hurt
They want me to starve until I am inert
Then they will come out, and tear me apart
It will not take much, I have a weak heart
I will ignore them, and just go to bed
I'll ignore the voice and just sleep instead

Now I am in bed, the sheets start to move
The door's creaking open, I do not approve
I look out the window and spot a dark man
He's ripping his eyes out, out by the trash can
It's now raining limbs, the sky's filled with blood
It leaked in my basement, it's starting to flood
I tried to sit up, but I could not move
It's like they have something that they all must prove

Lightning bolts flash, I've no where to hide
It is in the darkness that they all reside
The roof forms a face, it's staring at me
It's speaking in tongues, please just set me free
I started to float, I left from my bed
I went in the bathroom, I was filled with dred
I looked in the mirror, it was not my face
I looked like a tortured that's fallen from grace

Wings ripped from my back, skin peeled away
I knew this was a place that I will now stay
Snakes filled the bath tub, the mirror then shattered
The voice then told me that I just never mattered
The door left it's frame, I'm going insane
Then the ground cracked, and out came a chain
It ripped into me, then out came some more
They wrapped around me then pulled me to the floor

Who knows what they've seen, who knows where they've been
I know I should give up, I know I can't win
Hooks came from the walls and stuck in my face
More and more of them until I'm in place
A demon came out, and took my eyelids
Then he showed a vision of torturing kids
Then he bent down low, and spoke in my ear
"Welcome to Hell, now you're staying here"


Comments on this poem/writing:

Ash ( -- Friday, November 14 2003, 08:02 pm

no title

This poem gave me incredible visions. I felt like I could feel what was happening to you. Was this based on any dream?
Ashley R. ( -- Saturday, November 15 2003, 04:46 am

no title

Good poem! You know how to paint a picture for the reader!
Seizure ( -- Saturday, November 22 2003, 09:53 pm


Ash and Ashley R... nice to see both of you again... I actually gave you both a bit of gratitude on one of my newest writings, I just wanted to show how much I appreciate you both. I have no idea when it's supposed to post though, but I'm sure you both will see it.

Anyway, to reply to your comments...

I'm glad you both liked it. I actually have a lot more like this coming as it's stuff I have to get off my chest. As to what inspired this style of work, some of them are real, some are interpreted, and others are used to help tell a story I just want to tell. I'm not going to specify which are which, but only my psychotic apocalypse poems are inspired by dreams. Thanks again.
Leah06 ( -- Monday, November 24 2003, 03:55 am


wow, this poem was so suspenceful and scary. but it wont come true. ill be your angel, thats why they call me Angel Leah. im there for you and im here to take away your pain when i can, you just have to open up. and i know you hate to share your feelings but you will have to some day with me. Great poem.

Leah Kendall
KJP ( -- Saturday, January 31 2004, 08:02 am


This could almost ber turned into a horror film. Great details.
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