A Long Time Ago
Author: Seizure


***** Warning!! Graphic Content *****

I used to be normal, a long time ago
As I drag my bag, blood stains the snow
He was a demon; I know that I'm not ill
I just had to do this, before he could kill
I remember life, a time in the past
Locked in a cellar feeding on the mice and rats
Sometimes beaten up, and chained to the floor
And told that my mother, was just a f***ing whore
I should just be drowned, like the runt I am
Then he tied me up, and drug me with his ram
He put me in a box; he thought I was dead
He sewed my eyes shut; blood ran down my head

I can hear him digging, outside of my box
Sometimes the side's hit, with some random rocks
Several hours have passed, then he kicked me in
I fell inside the hole; I can't let him win
I just started clawing, quickly at the side
Blood and nails chipped off, I will get some pride
I finally broke out; I am now free
I go to the tool shed, now he can't hurt me
I look through the tools, to find the perfect one
It will be for me, I don't need a gun
Just then I found it, a double headed axe
I will just enjoy, giving him some whacks

I walk around the house, then I peer inside
Where are you father? You have nowhere to hide
I psyched myself up, and opened the door
He wasn't even here; he went to the store
So I tuck away, hiding in his closet
I hear the door open, then I hear the faucet
Light goes off, soon he'll go to bed
Won't be long father, soon you will be dead
He came in; I put a divot in his chest
Finally that bitch will be laid to rest
I finally got the nerve; I let the bag go
I will wash myself clean, of life long ago


Comments on this poem/writing:

Marci ( -- Friday, January 10 2003, 04:42 pm


What an excellent poem!!! It kept me on the edge of my seat. The last part was pretty shocking with the father. This is written very well. I could picture every bit of it in my mind. Well done :o)
Seizure ( -- Saturday, January 11 2003, 07:33 pm

Glad you liked it

Glad you liked it Marci! Didn't know how well this one would go over here (due to content), but figured I'd try anyway. Thanks again for the comment.
LinzAy ( -- Sunday, January 12 2003, 05:38 pm


Hey Seizure, that was a really good one! You really are an excellent writer. In all the poems that i have read of yours i've always been able to "see" the poem. This one was really good
Seizure ( -- Monday, January 13 2003, 11:13 pm


I'm glad you could see all the words so well, but are you sure it's just not your "vivid" imagination? j/k.
Ruth Annesley ( -- Wednesday, January 29 2003, 02:08 am


Hey, its me again!! I think this is so disturbing... but i respect the fact that it need to have been written. Im glad that it was you writting, as the images jump out vividly from the words.. Such talent. If neone else attempted to portray what you have just done,i dont think it would be so greatly achieved.
Seizure ( -- Wednesday, January 29 2003, 04:32 am

Disturbing Indeed

Ruth, always a pleasure. Glad you thought it was disturbing as that was the intention... IT'S LIKE A HORROR MOVIE!!! :)... j/k.
Xeracy ( -- Thursday, January 30 2003, 06:38 pm

Nice :) You did a good job describing the situation. I like the darkness in it. It was deep. I like the warning on it too.
Seizure ( -- Tuesday, February 4 2003, 06:34 am


Thanks but I didn't put the warning on there. Dreamer did. Glad you liked the writing... means a lot.
Ashley R. ( -- Friday, October 24 2003, 05:10 am

Very Good!

Good job Seizure! This one is like intense. But just one question, when you wrote "I can hear him digging outside my box, Sumtimes the sides hit, with some random rocks" Was it like ur coffin? Not trying to be so negative, but what was the box that u were in. Sorry if i'm blind to see what u mean, thats just me.
Seizure ( -- Friday, October 24 2003, 05:21 am


Yes, the box I was referencing was the burial box.
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