Can't Let Go
1 July, 1984
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I try to let go but can't you see
You're memory won't set me free
My life isn't worth living without you.

I've sung you're songs about a million times
It eases the pain but it won't change my mind
My life is not worth living without you

Why'd you leave me
Why'd you feed me lies so now I can't let go
Why'd you tease me
Cause it grieves me so to know I can't let go

I cry at night when I dream your face
Why does my love have to be such a waste
Cause it seems that I just can not see the truth.

I go through life seems without a thought
My friends can't see that my love was caught
For they don't know how you haunt my memories

Is there really no love left in your heart....

------- Author's Notes -------

Though I felt like life couldn't go on at the time, it did. Tomorrow did come, and it was a different day. Some how I found the Strength to go on. I decided that I deserved a love that was true and would love me back with the passion that love should feel. Though it took a few years; I did find it. Of course its not the happily ever after fairy tale I was told about when I was a kid, but through loving my self and finding self-worth. And through the faith of believing spiritually that there was someone specially for me out there, I found what I was searching for. Some one to share my dreams, hopes, fears and tears with. Someone who will not betray my trust or love. (Knock on wood, ) Keep the faith in our Keeper and he will not forget you. Love B


Comments on this poem/writing:

Patrick () -- Tuesday, September 16 1997, 05:00 am


There are always going to be a new horizon each and everyday. A new day to try make worthy of. If today is not a good day, with a sunrise comes another day to begin. I am happy you found your tears to be understood. Either through HIM or of the tongues of angels, we will be guided. Having the faith will help us that much more. Peace.
truskoff () -- Tuesday, September 16 1997, 05:00 am


Becky you speak the truth. Thanks. I've been in this state too. I wonder why it happens? I find myself thinking that if someone doesn't love me I'm finished on this earth. Then I find myself inwardly cringing from myself. So what to do? I did pray. And it led me away from such thoughts. I offer a prayer of thanksgiving for that now. Sometimes we forget to be thankful.
MCA 2 () -- Tuesday, September 16 1997, 05:00 am


Well, I know what it was like. hell. You know what you should really do, and you know how to do it, but something won't let you. I feel that love really does not actually exist. Maybe it does, i won't know until I feel it i guess. But, I have had four shitty relationships in a row so I guess that is where I stand. Thanks for your words. I have to go. I will write more later.
MCA 2 () -- Tuesday, September 16 1997, 05:00 am


Sorry to write you again, it is just weird that there might actually be one person in this world that actually understands me. I want to tell you some of my other poem titles in case you want to read them. You don't have to, and I am not promising you they are good but- they are- mixed, skull to thick, I AM ALONE, time heals, to name a few. just in case your intersested. Sorry to bother you again. Have a nice life
Dreamer () -- Tuesday, September 16 1997, 05:00 am

Not a bother

Not a bother at all MCA 2. I will read you're poems just as soon as I can tommorrow. For I have to run off tonight. I just stopped for a moment to check on things. I'm glad to have been able to share a common thought with you. Moving away from love can really hurt. And it seems that the pain will last forever. All the comforting words in the world cannot make the hurt go away....Just time. Time to discover what your really looking for. Is it someone to keep you from feeling alone. If so you might be looking in the wrong direction. I must go for now. Take care of yourself. I hope you find the REAL love thats waiting for you. Love B
Kristen () -- Wednesday, September 17 1997, 05:00 am

Joyfully I read, Becky

I was too sleepy (beginning of the mono I now have full blown) to respond to the poem a while ago about your daughter...Please know that we're both thinking about y'all day and night and sending all the love we can muster...Fever brain is keeping me from saying anything smart, so love,love,love,love,K
truskoff () -- Friday, September 19 1997, 05:00 am

AHH (no, too many sub.titles ah?

I'm knocking on wood for you now too Becky. And a prayer.
I pray that I might discern whether or not the person I'm with is the one. And that's difficult. But your poetry and MCA 2's poetry is helping me to understand my part of the problem.
Peace be with you always
Kay?Kay! () -- Friday, May 17 2002, 05:00 am


Wow!!!!! Thanx so much it is just what I needed to know to get over my exboyfriend !!!!! Thank You A Lot!!!!!!!!
Bye !!!!!!!
LinzAy ( -- Monday, May 19 2003, 08:15 am


Know how this feels........good one Becky :)
Ashlee ( -- Thursday, October 14 2004, 11:36 pm

cant let go

hey, very nive poem, am i able to use this ?
if so please email me at (snipped)
Terrie* ( -- Friday, October 15 2004, 12:20 am

Dreamer, very moving words....sad...but moving..

Yet under different circumstances still in the same class i was left a world all alone..or so i thought...I never thought i was ever going to ever let go of my husbands memory God forbid..but you know what..God saw that i was wasting my life away...he sent that same love in the heart of another and letting go hasn't been too drastically hard..still letting go a little at a time..( perhaps these two and God worked it all out) but ya know what..i know i'll eventually let go as soon as my anchor comes in from shore..

loved this poem..time a healer of all kinds of pain... ( whispering...thank you for these words)
Lee Ann Lopez ( -- Friday, December 24 2004, 04:59 am

wanting the love that I had.

I also felt that I couldn't go on because of the fact that when I was together with the one person I alway thought that I would have been with forever we ended up breaking up after four years and now I still can't go on with my life,but other days do come and I do go through the day but at the same time I don't feel like I can let go of the love that I am wanting.
Valerie Butts ( -- Tuesday, October 10 2006, 11:15 pm


im doing a project on appearence and reality and i had to find a poem that went along with my short stories . thats when i stubbled upon yours i was wondering if i could print it out. but to do that i would have to copy and paste your poem which it won't allow me too.
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