His Keeper
1 July, 1989
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


There's only one lady in my man's life I fear
She's the one who says "Come and I'll cheer"
She offers him excitement and helps him forget pain
Her beds the one I fear once again he's lain

I'll never compare to her sparkling ways
Her fun loving spirit, for which he'll gladly pay
For she promises good times filled with fun
But I always get him back when her damage is done.

At the end of the evening she'll jilt him again
Leaving him lonely, he forgets who's his real friend
So homeward he stumbles angry and hurt
after being with her he treats me like dirt

I know in his life, next to her I am last
cause she has the power to help him forget his past
I realize with him, I'll never be first
But being second to her, I don't know which is worst

When its all said and done
back home he will run
Angry, bitter, and mean
All of him that's left for me is a bad, lonely scene

I try to ignor her and pretend that shes not there
It doesn't really matter to him if its fair
And I'll never forgive this lady who calls
Herself by the name of Lady Al Cohol.

------- Author's Notes -------

Alcoholism is a problem not only in this country but around the world. It seems to be worse than the so called "recreational" drug abuse. More wide spread and more deadly. Not only to the ones touched by deaths of an drunk behind the wheel, but to the families and the children that live daily with the people held by its grasp. Its violence and destruction reach farther into the minds and hearts of the ones close, worse than people could even imagine.



Comments on this poem/writing:

Nightpoet () -- Monday, August 11 1997, 06:26 pm


i wish i could give you advice...but i am at the looking glass and things are much the same for me as who you write about...all i can say is be strong and you will make the right decisions when the time comes to make them...take care...
Dreamer () -- Monday, August 11 1997, 06:32 pm

Hi Night Poet

Luckily this is an older poem I came accross but one I wanted to share. Life can and does get better. It did for me in some ways but unfortunately scars of this past life still remain to be seen from time to time in my mind's eye.
no mistakes () -- Tuesday, August 12 1997, 11:11 pm


hi becky,
i flashed back to the early 80's, when the 2 primary relations in my life, first my husband...than after my devorce...two years boyfriend...i was 2n'd both times...first with ms. alcohol...second..and even uglier...lady heroine...lonly life...but for the grace of god...i didi break away...i am are these men...touched on an important issue...thanks
D. Aucoin () -- Wednesday, August 13 1997, 03:48 am

How true

This poem is so true, I have never read one that hits home so easily. If you have lived this life, if know your pain. I too lived it at one point.
Kristen () -- Friday, August 15 1997, 03:28 am

Yeah, hard to compete

Boyfriends, ever kind of drug and way to escape imaginable (including other women who shared their drugs, etc.), but hardest for me were and still are my does a child compete with ms. alcohol...being subtly, and not so subtly blamed for the need to escape, yet playing any role that might please, and protect them? I'm 28 and a half, but just learning not to compete, or try to enact miricles for those who will not help themselves. Bitter, but necessary. Thank you, Becky. As always, you speak straight to the soul, yet soothe the nerves with your honesty and just plain guts! Love, K
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