Over Taken
1 September, 1998
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Doors swing wide open to the macabre.
Darkest regions of the corners of the minds eye are visited
Touched.. and thrust upon it, the light has been blinding
Why?...... just why?

Try as one might to push back the impending terrors
The dragons from the unknown re-awaken.
Scared I move slowly and with suspicion
And in spewing of fire and smoke.... I fear

Gnashing teeth dripping with blood appear in the darkness.
A child hides in the smallest of confines
Afraid to cry out that someone might really hear
Bravery tried, wide eyed, I watch

Too much distance has come and gone
So much of reality has touched deep
The darkness grows in unnatural gloom
as if oozing further to overtake what is left

But what is left... Does evil prevail?
Did the darkness win? Is it's power greater?
The lie, rather than truth plants the deepest seed
and what grows from this..

The darkness creeps closer as the child pushes further inward
Quiet wise eyes look toward it in wonderment
It's hypnotic shimmerings call.... whispering
But to answer... is to fall

Strength is found... a war cry splits the night
Innocence escapes the confines of the trap
The doors swing wide open again
Purposely... with intent the darkness is met.

Faced evil eye to eye, at Challenged laughter from beyond
Clasping at the sounds... dropped mouth, silent screams prevail
Buckled knees give way.... to the darkness
As lifelessness invades.. with the silence.... comes peace....


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